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PortCastelló received the works of the new public dock for liquid bulk

21 July 2022

PortCastelló receives the works of the new mooring jetty for ships for liquid bulk, located in the South Basin of the Port of Castellón. The tasks of an action that has had a budget of €4,095,390.00 are thus concluded

This action will allow, on the one hand, to improve the capacity of the liquid berthing line of the Port of Castellón, for ships between 10,000 and 40,000 DWT, with lengths between 110 m and 200 m and, on the other hand, to improve competitiveness, responding to the increase in liquid bulk traffic, which represents around 50% of the port’s global traffic with almost 10 million tons in 2021 and which in 2022 is performing well.

The president of PortCastelló, Rafa Simó, highlights that “PortCastelló continues to invest in the south dock to turn it into a pole of attraction for new industries. In fact, this new berth is nothing more than a new tool at the service of our customers. Once again we invest in productive infrastructures that, in addition to generating employment while they are being built, generate opportunities once they are finished and put into operation.”

The new mooring jetty is made up of a total of 2 prefabricated reinforced concrete caissons with a total length of 33.35 m, a beam of 16.75 m and a depth of 16.5 m, along with the paved access mote for later execution. of supply racks. The pontoon is complemented by three mooring dukes (platforms) equipped with escape hooks connected to walkways for pedestrian access.

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