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PortCastelló provides training to its port police

11 March 2022


The Port Authority of Castellón is organizing training cycles for the group of port police officers who work daily on the PortCastelló docks. In total, twelve hours of recycling are taught in five groups in different subjects, from the public domain, conflict management and control, customer service, administrative procedures and road safety, among others.

This cycle is added to the training courses related to the use of self-protection and defense elements (DESA) and in the field of port protection, the environment and emergencies that the port police staff has recently received.
These actions, together with the improvement of the equipment, respond to the objective of the Port Authority to reinforce the training of the port police, improve security and control in its facilities and implement new systems for the modernization and innovation of the tools that the police require. port for their daily work.
It should be remembered that the means of the port police have recently been increased so that they can deal with possible emergencies on the premises. Of note is the renewal of the fleet of patrol vehicles, as well as the provision of lifebuoys, light signaling beacons, high-efficiency flashlights, first aid kits, firefighting equipment (extinguishers and fire blankets), rescue masks in environments chemicals and semiautomatic defibrillators.

The port police is a special administrative body dependent on the port authorities that make up the Spanish port system. They have the legal status of agents of the authority of the Port Administration according to the Law of State Ports and the Merchant Navy.

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