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11 February 2022

The Port Authority of Castellón puts out to tender the “Delphinidae” project, which aims to determine the maximum operational limits of all its docks, the maximum length of the ships that can dock, evaluate the navigable space and determine the limit conditions of wind and waves in PortCastelló . In addition, it contemplates the construction of a new wharf in its southern basin. To do this, a study will be developed that will be put out to tender for 360,000 euros and a drafting period of 6 months, which includes a total of 468 simulations of entry and exit maneuvers with ships, various techniques and tools and the involvement of pilots from PortCastelló and staff of the maritime captaincy of Castellón. The tender specifies that for the development of the project several previous actions must be undertaken. On the one hand, a study of the internal agitation of the port to determine the waves and the climatic conditions of the PortCastelló area of ​​action. On the other hand, an analysis of maneuvers in the Centenario dock and in the new liquid bulk terminal in the south dock.In the first case, entry and exit maneuvers will be simulated with container ships, and in the second with tankers. This project contemplates the construction of a new wharf in the south dock that will precisely be called “Delphinidae” and that will entail 208 simulations with ships of different sizes to determine its viability and the suitability of its location with respect to the current berths of the port of Castellon. The development of the “Delphinidae” project will improve the competitiveness of the Port Authority of Castellón, since it proposes the rationalization and expansion of its docks, and already takes into account “Octopus”, the new expansion area of ​​the port of Castellón in the south dock , with an initial investment of 93 million euros provided for in the Business Plan and which consists of gaining 420,000 square meters to attract investment, implement new sustainable industries and generate traffic, which will mean the definitive takeoff of this port area.

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