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PortCastelló launches the `Al Port´ project to revitalize the recreational area and consolidate the port as a point of reference

25 January 2022

  •  The initiative aims to strengthen ties with the environment and generate an attractive maritime façade for citizens with a differential and complementary program of activitiesMusic, art, gastronomy, dialogues, sports, tradition and innovation for an agenda full of activity each week
  • The project stems from public-private collaboration, with the support of the Castelló City Council, the Castellón Provincial Council and the Generalitat Valenciana, together with Vibra Mahou, Simetría and Airnatech.

Today, the Port Authority of Castellón has presented “Al Port”, a project that aims to strengthen ties with the environment and generate an attractive maritime façade for citizens through a cycle of differential, free and high-value activities qualitative and inclusive. “It is much more than an entertainment brand”, explained the president of the public body, Rafa Simó. “The Port was born as an umbrella in which all those activities promoted by the Port Authority that promote activity on the seafront and add to attract tourism will find shelter.”The initiative is launched this coming February in order to deseasonalize leisure, with a wide variety and attractive free programming aimed at all audiences “which will be combined with cross-actions with our concessionaires in the public area, always at scheduled times.” before lunchtime or dinnertime and focused on entertainment in its broadest sense”, Rafa Simó explained to the media.The Autonomous Secretary of Tourism of the Generalitat Valenciana, Francesc Colomer; the mayor of Castelló, Amparo Marco; the president of the Diputación, José Martí, Joana Alonso, Local Brand Manager of Mahou; the journalist Mariola Cubells, the artist Esther and representatives of the Agència Districte.

The activities will take place every Saturday, as well as the first Thursday and Sunday of each month and are distributed in four different blocks. Bandes Al Port will take place every first Sunday of the month, in the morning, with a parade and subsequent concert. “We want to take advantage of the wealth that gangs from all over the province provide us,” said Rafa Simó. The Unió Musical del Grau inaugurates this cycle on February 6.Art Al Port will be organized once a month to “create an urban art tour that will unite the entire PortCastelló maritime façade”. The artist Ana Langeheldt will be in charge of opening this initiative, which will be followed by Noke. “It is about having an urban art tour along the seafront”, Rafa Simó has indicated.Concerts Al Port is one of the backbones of the project. It is a cycle of concerts that will be held every Saturday at noon, in the open air with two performances -a group from Castellón and an emerging national one-, also seeking gender parity and “in an incomparable environment such as our Lighthouse in the Moll de Costa”. This cycle opens on February 5 with `The last neighbor´ and Aina Palmer.Finally, Conversa Al Port is a television format that will offer talks aimed at civil society or monologues. It will take place one Thursday a month in the Varadero room, in the evening and presented by Mariola Cubells. This cycle begins on February 3 with Julián Lopez, -from La hora Chanante or Niñada Nui- together with Luis Prado. It will continue with Mikel López Iturriaga, better known as the Comidista.This initial program will be developed throughout the year with “the idea of ​​offering the possibility to promoters and programmers from Castelló who find in PortCastelló also the possibility of making their proposals”.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón has indicated that “we are taking another step to move away from the idea that the port is not an isolated place, but that it is a space of complicity and integration”. “Al Port is going to be one more piece in the rich program of Castelló and its surroundings and we offer a differential and complementary program by and for society”.Rafa Simó thanked the involvement of the public institutions and private companies that are collaborators in this project. In fact, it was created with the support of the Castelló Town Hall, the Castellón Provincial Council, the Generalitat Valenciana, Vibra Mahou, Simetría and Airnatech.The mayor of Castelló, Amparo Marco, stressed that “we have always gone hand in hand when it comes to enhancing the value of the port and bringing it closer to the public” and in this sense she thanked “the constant collaboration and cooperation of the port”. “It is for this reason that I am pleased to present these activities today which, without a doubt, will be an important incentive in this commitment to promote and revitalize this area of ​​the city socially, economically and culturally”, Marco stressed. For his part, Francesc Colomer assured that “Al Port is a plausible project that is loaded with culture and values” and added that “this brand will be significant in embracing the city in the sea”.Finally, José Martí has ​​applauded the initiative because “it opens not only to the city, but also to the towns of our province”.It should be noted that the definition of the “Al Port” strategy has been authored by Agencia Districte, specialized in urban communication, and has included a first phase of active listening through a process of conversation with the citizens and professionals involved.

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