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PortCastelló invests 268,000 euros in new dust-catching screens

1 February 2022

The Port Authority of Castellón will install new dust trap screens in the south dock for an amount of 268,000 euros and an execution period of three months. This action is part of the environmental sustainability policy promoted by the public body in matters of environmental protection. Specifically, 20 modules of 5 meters will be placed that constitute a screen of a length of 100 meters with a height of 11 metersThis new facility is added to the current three that PortCastelló has located in its north dock, specifically in the Cerámica dock and the Transversal Exterior dock, and another one in the south dock. With this new award, PortCastelló has invested 1 million euros in the installation of this type of infrastructure, which is intended to minimize the dispersion of particles emitted into the atmosphere as a result of the movement of solid bulk in the port area. The screens are monitored and evaluated by the Institute of Ceramic Technology in order to determine their effectiveness. Its installation is part of the 18 environmental protection actions promoted by the Castellón Port Authority to minimize the emission of particles into the environment. These actions include public and real-time information on the quality of the air in the port environment through its web portal.The data shown is that from the five stations that cover the entire perimeter of the port of Castellón, which allow information to be instantly known, data to be interpreted to improve air quality and port operations to be planned in the future. in case it is necessary. In addition, the Port Authority approved a Code of Good Environmental Practices, with the aim of regulating solid bulk handling operations carried out in the port area. The president of the public body, Rafa Simó, has highlighted “the port of Castellón is the second in the port system in terms of solid bulk traffic, and this growth must go hand in hand with measures that guarantee environmentally friendly operations”.

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