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PortCastelló installs information panel in its lighthouses

12 January 2022

Paneles informativos faros

The Port Authority of Castellón has installed signage in all the lighthouses it manages to report the history of each one of them, the type of signal and light they emit, as well as their range, among other data. These are the lighthouses located in Oropesa del Mar, Columbretes, Peñíscola, Irta, Nules and two in Castellón. This initiative is part of the campaign launched by the Port Authority to value these monuments. The campaign began with the publication of a video in which a tour of all the lighthouses is made and in which the characteristics of each of them are specified. It is “The route of the lighthouses of Castellón”, which aims to be a tribute to the lighthouse keepers and these monuments that have been linked to maritime navigation since long ago and have had the mission of signaling ports, guiding sailors and helping in the orientation of the ships. The signage placed at the foot of each of the lighthouses offers information in Spanish, Valencian, English, French and Braille, and also has the appropriate technology to direct citizens to the PortCastelló website, where more information can be found, photographs and historical documents of each of the lighthouses. ( The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has indicated that “our objective is to publicize the province’s lighthouses, because they are unique monuments that are part of our heritage”. The next step in the campaign is to formalize agreements with the municipalities where the lighthouses are located to organize open days.

Data: The Oropesa del Mar lighthouse has been active since April 1, 1857. It has a range of 21 miles and a focal plane elevation of 56 meters. The Port Authority of Castellón maintains a temporary transfer agreement with the Oropesa City Council so that it can give recreational use to the surroundings of the lighthouse. The Columbretes lighthouse has been active since December 30, 1859. It has a range of 21 miles and an elevation of 85 meters of the focal plane. The Port Authority of Castellón has recently signed an agreement with the Generalitat Valenciana to cede the use of the building for scientific purposes. The Peñíscola lighthouse has been active since October 1899, has a range of 23 miles and an elevation of 56 meters. PortCastelló maintains a collaboration agreement with the Castellón Provincial Council for the use of the lighthouse as a tourist information office. The Irta lighthouse has been active since December 28, 1993. It is 33 meters high and has a range of 14 miles. This lighthouse was designed by Rita Lorite, and together with the Nules lighthouse, it is the only one in Spain designed by a woman. The Nules lighthouse has been active since June 15, 1994 and is 38 meters high. This lighthouse was designed by the architect Blanca Lleó and her project won first prize in the national Lighthouses and Maritime Signals ideas competition. The Castelló lighthouse has been active since 1971 and is 32 meters high. This lighthouse has recently been moved from the Muelle de la Cerámica to the edge of the sea and next to the dam. Before the growth of the port area, this lighthouse was in its beginnings at the mouth of the port. The lighthouse at the Muelle de Costa, which is currently not active, should be highlighted. It was moved stone by stone at the beginning of 2000 from the original place it occupied in the port of Castellón. In 2017, the Port Authority of Castellón organized an exhibition to commemorate the hundred years of history of this lighthouse. The original project for the lighthouse at the head of the Levante breakwater in 1915 was drawn up by the engineer-director of the Port Works Board, José Serrano. Building this lighthouse then cost 13,500 pesetas.


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