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PortCastelló increases its traffic by 16.7% so far this year

8 June 2022

PortCastelló grew by 16.7% in the accumulated figure for the year compared to the same period of the previous year, driven by solid bulk and already accounts for a total of 9.3 million tons of goods moved on its docks.

Specifically, the type of merchandise that grew the most in the accumulated figure was solid bulk, 40.6%, and accounted for a total of 4,413,276 million tons, followed by liquid bulk, which increased by 5.5% and add up to 4,200,185 tons. General merchandise decreased 20% and totaled 659,930 tons.

These data show that 47.6% of the total traffic in the port of Castellón is solid bulk, followed by liquid bulk, which represents 45.3%, and general merchandise, 7.1%.

The main goods moved in this period are, in this order, crude oil, feldspar, clay, gasoline, fuel oil, kaolin, tiles and cement.

The increase in traffic in the first five months of the year is due to the boost of solid bulk, with feldspar being the main merchandise moved, with a total of 2,026,208 tons, which represents an increase of 44.5% compared to last year. Turkey, Morocco and Italy are the main countries of import of this material.

It is followed by clay, with 849,708 tons moved, which is 25.5% more than in 2021, imported mostly from Ukraine until the outbreak of the war, and followed by Portugal and Turkey.

Kaolin imports increased by 110.1%, moving 456,334 tons in the first five months, with Romania, Algeria and Portugal being the main destination countries. Lastly, bulk cement traffic grew by 184.2% and moved 341,161 tons with Turkey, Algeria and Egypt.

During the month of May alone, solid bulk traffic registered at PortCastelló increased by 57%.

The main countries with which the port of Castellón maintains a commercial relationship are Turkey, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and the United States.

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