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PortCastelló hosts a 520-ton fiber optic column operation

22 June 2022

The port of Castellón has hosted a double operation for the loading and unloading of fiber columns destined for the petrochemical industry. The columns, weighing 260 tons each,
have arrived at the port of Castellón from China and are destined for the Finnish port of Reme.

The merchandise is transported in the Jumbo Jubilee ship, 144 meters long, a general cargo prepared for special cargo.

The operation has been carried out in the extension of the East Dock of PortCastelló and during it 43 pieces of material from the wind sector have been unloaded. An operation coordinated by
Marítima Astondo, representative of the Jumbo shipowner in Spain.

This operation reflects the potential of the port of Castellón in the loading and unloading of large special parts.

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