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PortCastelló has ratified the Business Plan for the 2023 financial year

21 December 2022

Consejo de Administración

The Board of Directors of the Castellón Port Authority has today ratified the Business Plan for the 2023 financial year, which provides for an increase in investment in infrastructure and bonuses, as well as a reduction in rates to continue growing, improve the competitiveness of companies that operate in PortCastelló and attract new investments.

The PortCastelló Investment Plan for 2023 amounts to 32 million euros and will now be sent to Puertos del Estado for final approval. A plan that reflects a definitive boost to rail connectivity, to the improvement and urbanization of the south dock and a clear commitment to safety, environmental sustainability and actions for port-city integration.

The Plan also includes the increase in unique bonuses applicable to solid bulk terminals that will mean savings of almost 400,000 thousand euros for concessionaires in the port of Castellón. These discounts are intended to promote the competitiveness of the ceramic sector.

Thus, in order to boost the competitiveness of the port and its adaptation to international markets, an increase from the current 5% to a 15% bonus for these terminals is approved. Said increase is justified as a measure to alleviate the important economic consequences derived from the increase in the prices of raw materials in the ceramic sector, such as energy, which represent a significant part of the variable costs in the ceramic sector.

With regard to strategic bonuses, increases have been approved in the vessel rate for container traffic, as well as in the merchandise rate for potato and rubber traffic, which represents an impact of approximately €430,000.

The Board has authorized the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of APM Terminals Castellón, S.A.U. by Noatum Castellón, S.A. The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has indicated that it is an agreement between private companies and has trusted that “this business movement will serve to recover the volume of container traffic in PortCastelló”. Rafa Simó has valued the fact that “a business group is firmly committed to the port of Castellón”.

The Board of Directors has approved the constitution of the Compliance Body and its internal operating regulations with the aim of implementing, creating and maintaining a culture of widespread regulatory compliance in the Port Authority. This body merges the Criminal Compliance Body and the Ethics Committee. Also the annual contribution to the PortCastelló Foundation for the 2023 financial year, which amounts to 250,000 euros.

Other agreements reached:

. Approval of tariffs for commercial services for the year 2023.

. Approval of the agreement between the Castellón Port Authority and the Jaume I University of Castelló for the creation of the Smart Ports Chair.

. Granting of an administrative concession to the San Pedro del Grau Fishermen’s Association for the occupation and exploitation of the ice factory building located next to the fishing market, in addition to the adjoining area, related to the electrical line that serves the building.

. Resignation of the administrative concession granted to Cofranás, S.L. for the occupation of booth number 607, located on the coastal pier, in the fishing port of the service area of the Port of Castellón

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