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PortCastelló endures the decline in gods traffic in september

17 October 2022

Freight traffic in the port of Castellón decreased by 17% in September compared to the same period of the previous year, although it grew by 5.5% in the accumulated figure due to the good performance in the first half of the year.

Specifically, the first nine months of the year PortCastelló closes moving 16.4 million tons of goods. It grows 14% in solid bulk traffic by moving 7.6 million tons. Liquid bulk traffic also increased by 2%, with 7.6 million tons. On the contrary, it fell in general merchandise, 16.1%, moving 1.2 million tons.

However, the month of September reflects a drop in global freight traffic of 17% as a result of political and energy instability.

Thus, general merchandise fell by 32.3%, followed by liquid bulk, which fell by 18%, and solid bulk, which fell by 13.2%.

With the data at the end of September, the participation by type of merchandise in the port of Castellón is 46.5% solid bulk, 46.3% liquid bulk, and 7.2% general merchandise .

The most important goods by volume of tons moved are, in this order, crude oil, feldspar, clay, gasoline, kaolin and fuel oil.

The main destinations with which the port of Castellón maintains commercial relations are Turkey, Canada, the United States, Romania and Libya.

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