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PortCastelló closes the best first half of its history

11 July 2022

The port of Castellón grew by 11.1% in the first half of the year compared to the same period of the previous year, accounting for 11 million tons in the accumulated figure for the year, compared to 10 million in 2020.

By type of presentation, the merchandise that registered the greatest growth in PortCastelló is solid bulk, 26.6%, and closes this semester with a total of 5.1 million tons. It is followed by liquid bulk traffic, which increases by 4.6% and accounts for 5.1 million tons. Lastly, general merchandise traffic decreased by 20.2%, reaching 789,993 tons.

These data mean that 46.5% of the merchandise moved in the port of Castellón so far this year is liquid bulk, followed by solid bulk, which represents 46.4%, and lastly, general merchandise, which represents 7 ,1%.

Specifically, the month of June is the first month of the year with a decrease in freight traffic, 10.8%, and closes moving 1.8 million tons. By type of goods, liquid bulk traffic grew by 0.9%, moving 950,005 tons. However, solid bulk decreased by 20.7% with a total of 730,182 tons moved, and general merchandise fell by 21.7%, with 130,061 tons.

The most important goods moved in the port of Castellón in June have been, in this order, crude oil, feldspar, clay, fuel oil, gasoline, tiles and biodiesel.

In addition, the main ports with which PortCastelló has maintained a commercial relationship during the last month are Turkey, Libya, Brazil, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has pointed out that “this good data is due to the work of our clients, even more so in the current moment of uncertainty in the markets”.

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