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PortCastelló calls a meeting to report on the expropiation process and the status of the south rail access project

17 May 2022

The Port Authority of Castellón has convened an informative meeting at the civic center of the Perpetuo Socorro group to inform the public about the project and the expropriation process necessary to execute the southern rail accesses to the port of Castellón by the Administrator of the Railway Infrastructures -Adif-.

Representatives from ADIF and the Castelló Town Hall will also attend.

It is an open act that will be held from 8:00 p.m. and takes place once Adif has already published the list of assets that will be affected by the expropriations to undertake the works of the route. It should be remembered that the Port Authority of Castellón has been holding various meetings for the sake of participation and transparency.

Among the improvements introduced, it is worth noting that the railway access runs underground through the neighborhood groups -Lourdes group, La Unión, Perpetuo Socorro and Roquetes- and will be electrified throughout its route to reduce noise nuisance.

These expropriations will make it possible to execute the first section of the railway accesses, with a length of 4.7 kilometres, and will connect the current layout of the conventional railway line as it passes through Castellón to the site where the intermodal station will be built.

The objective is to tender and award the works of this first section throughout this year. Subsequently, section 2 will be undertaken, which will run from the intermodal station to the entrance to the port of Castellón through the south dock. The internal railway network of the port is already in the execution phase.

It will be in 2026 when all the sections are completed and the port of Castellón has optimal rail connectivity that will allow it to increase its freight traffic, improve the competitiveness of its customers and expand its logistics capacity.

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