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PortCastelló approves its strategix subsidies for 2023

6 May 2022

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón has approved the singular and strategic subsidies for next year to encourage the competitiveness of its companies and attract new traffic. The total impact is estimated at 800,000 euros. “These subsidies will make PortCastelló a more efficient port, capable of responding to current demands and adapting to international markets”, explained president Rafa Simó.

Thus, PortCastelló will maintain the subsidy for container terminals, set at 20%, and will increase the subsidy for solid bulk terminals from the current 5% to 15%. The aim is to alleviate the economic consequences for the ceramics sector due to the rise in cost prices such as energy. The amount of this subsidy is estimated at 387,000 euros.

In addition, the rebates in the vessel charge will now include container or RoRo traffic and a 40% rebate will be applied from the first port of call, with an impact of 419,000 euros. New rebates on the goods charge will also apply.

Furthermore, the board has approved the constitution of the Criminal Compliance Body and its Operating Regulations, with the objective of implementing and creating a culture of regulatory compliance that facilitates the prevention of criminal risks in the Port Authority of Castellón.

In addition, approval was given for the 18,561m²  extension to the Impala Sport Club, which will increase the concession to 34,392m², enabling the sports centre to introduce new outdoor sports such as football, volleyball and handball, as well as promoting children’s activities and multi-adventure activities.

Finally, the Board of Directors has approved the updating of the plan for the reception and handling of vessel generated waste in the port and the annual extension of the services provided by the Sociedad de Salvamento Marítimo y Seguridad Marítima.

Other agreements reached:


. Concession to Sertego Servicios Medioambientales for the occupation of a plot of land for the storage of oil waste.

. Concession to Sucesores de Sebastián Roca for the occupation of floor space for an administrative office for customs purposes .

. Authorisation to Portsur Castellón for the acquisition of the shares of Kartesia Credit Opportunities by Gimeno Servicios Portuarios .

. Early cancellation of a loan with  Caixabank .


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