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Adif tenders the works of the south railway access to PortCastelló for 123 million

30 June 2022

30-06-2022. The Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, today announced the tender for the works of the southern railway access to the port of Castellón for 123 million euros.

Specifically, it is the first section of the accesses, 4.7 kilometers long, which will connect the current layout of the conventional railway line as it passes through Castellón to the site where the intermodal station will be built. Subsequently, section two will be undertaken, which will run from the intermodal to the entrance to the port of Castellón through the south dock.

The president of the Port Authority of Castellón, Rafa Simó, has stated that this is a historic action for Castellón and for the entire province, not just for PortCastelló. “Finally, a historic claim has become a reality thanks to the commitment of the Spanish government, the Ministry of Transport and the Public Body of State Ports towards this port, since they have seen fit to include this action in the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. within the European recovery funds obtained by the socialist government”.

Rafa Simó added that “it is not only the first step to access the port of Castellón but also the first step of the intermodal terminal that the industrial fabric of the province needs, and especially the ceramic cluster”.

The president of the Port Authority has pointed out that it is a commitment “that is reinforced at the moment in which this work is carried out, it is already put out to tender assuming the increase in investment that the current economic situation implies and also assuming the improvements derived of public participation processes.

It must be remembered that the project to be carried out includes improvements both from the point of view of minimizing the impact on the residential areas through which the rail access will run, as well as the impact on the territory, mainly in terms of flooding and access to industrial estates.

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