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Rafa Simó introduces himself as a new associate of the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs

14 July 2021

Asamblea AVE


The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, presented himself today as a new associate at the General Assembly of the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE). During the event, he highlighted the importance of being part of the entity because “it is a way of continuing to be at the side of our clients, of companies, and to add in everything that unites us, such as the demand for the Mediterranean corridor”.

Simó has valued the productive infrastructures contemplated in the PortCastelló business plan that “will allow us to gain competitiveness and be optimally connected”, in reference to the rail connection to the port, the internal rail connection between docks and the intermodal station “.

The president of the Port Authority added that “all this together with the development and growth available in the south dock and the new logistics area associated with the intermodal station will make PortCastelló a better ally for our productive sectors and the business fabric of our province” .

Rafa Simó has referred to the growth experienced by the port of Castellón in the last 20 years “gaining ground from the sea and we come from a prodigious decade in traffic growth”. In fact, the port of Castellón occupies the ninth position by volume of freight traffic of the 46 that make up the Spanish port system, and is the second in solid bulks.

The president of the public body has affirmed that PortCastelló is an infrastructure that “has been able to take advantage of the tremendous hinterland that we have with the ceramic cluster and the energy sector as the main actors”.

Rafa Simó added that “we have also been able to introduce elements to gain competitiveness and attractiveness in other sectors such as agri-food or wind power, which allow us to have diversified traffic and place us as one of the three port authorities that is in the Top 10 in all types of merchandise ”, together with Barcelona and Bilbao.




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