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Rafa Simó highlights the role of the PortCastelló Foundation in the promotion of the port

2 August 2021

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation for the Promotion and Commercial Development of the Port of Castellón -Fundación PortCastleló- has approved the annual accounts for 2020, which amounted to 328,961 euros.

In addition, during the session, the elected trustee Integral Shipping Co., S.L.L. At present, the PortCastelló Foundation has 24 entities: 13 patrons (5 ex-officio patrons and 8 elected patrons), 6 associated entities and 5 collaborators.

The President of the Foundation, Rafa Simó, highlighted the important role that these entities play in the commercial promotion of the port of Castellón and thanked them for their involvement with PortCastelló. “The Foundation would not make sense without the support of these companies.”

The PortCastelló Foundation has attended a total of 10 fairs and congresses so far this year, and plans to participate in the second half of the year at 8 more events of this type. These are specialized fairs in the productive sectors of Castellón, such as Cersaie that will be held in Bologna in October or Fruit Attraction that will take place in Madrid in October. Likewise, the Foundation will be present at CLIA Ports ¬ Destination Virtual Summit, the CITCA Congress, MedCruise and Elections, Barcelona New Economy Week and ICS Madrid.

On the other hand, the entity is already closing the event schedule for next 2022.


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