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New FP in Castelló to promote the training of the maritime-fishing cycles

22 July 2021

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sports, Vicent Marzà, and the General Director of Educational Infrastructures, Víctor García, have held a meeting with the President of the Castelló Port Authority, Rafa Simó, the Director José María Gómez and the Councilor for Education from the Castelló de la Plana Town Hall, Francesc Mezquita.

At this meeting, the Minister Marzà has exposed the “will and activation of the entire device of the Department to be able to make the construction of a new CIPFP in Castelló a reality to promote the training of the Maritime-Fishing professional family and other related cycles” , and added: «After listening to educational centers, fishermen’s associations and companies in the fishing, aquaculture and maritime transport sectors of the city, we consider it essential to connect the needs of the sector with specialized personnel, which will have an impact on more jobs and in good working conditions for the students who take these studies ».

The president of the Port Authority, Rafa Simó has explained that “we need a collaboration between the different administrations that gives results in two ways, on the one hand, that our productive sectors get qualified personnel to continue with their natural growth and on the other hand, to the society of Castellón, del Grau, for young people from all over the territory who find it increasingly difficult to access the labor market, who have the possibility of training and see their chances of labor insertion increase in order to get a quality job ”.

At the meeting, an agreement was reached between the Consellería and the Castelló Port Authority to have a plot of approximately 6,000 square meters of the port. The forecast is that the construction works of the new VET center will be carried out through the Edificant plan, so the Department will allocate the necessary economic funds, estimated at around 10 million euros, so that the Castelló City Council can process the work.

For the Councilor for Education of Castelló, Francesc Mezquita, the projected center represents “a unique opportunity to transform the Grau de Castelló and expand the range of professional qualifications available.” The mayor stressed that the new line of studies linked to the Maritime-Fishing branch will mean “a real boost to integrated vocational training and an economic boost for the city”, since it will improve the future prospects of hundreds of young people. “Projects like this place Castelló as the educational capital of reference in the northern regions and make it possible for us to take advantage of a strategic point of the territory such as the port of Castelló”, Mosque concluded.

The new CIPFP will teach studies of the Maritime-Fishing professional family.


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