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Rafa Simó announces the strategic lines and productive investments for the sustainable growth of PortCastelló

3 September 2021
The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, today reviewed his first year in office at the head of the public body and outlined future projects for the port of Castellón.

365 days marked by the implementation of the 2024 Strategic Plan as a roadmap, a decisive commitment to transparency, the activation of the Code of Ethics, the enhancement of strategic alliances that will allow to promote the knowledge economy and advance in the port-province integration, the progress in the processing of productive infrastructures that will increase the competitiveness and connectivity of PortCastelló, and a change in management with the incorporation of José María Gómez at the helm.
Rafa Simó has outlined the main milestones achieved during the last year in the social, environmental and economic dimensions that he announced at his inauguration.
On the social side, he referred to the steps taken to turn the port of Castellón into a hub for innovation, digital transformation and knowledge, as well as the agreements reached to promote specialized training in the logistics-port sector. He has also listed the initiatives developed to position the port of Castellón as the best ally of the province, among which are the agreements with institutions, sponsorships for the first time to cultural and sports entities and the enhancement of the lighthouses managed by the Port Authority.
In its environmental aspect, Rafa Simó has referred to two actions that demonstrate the commitment of the port of Castellón to sustainable growth. It involves the approval of the Code of Good Environmental Practices and the signing of a pioneering Air Quality agreement with the Generalitat Valenciana that aims to reduce air pollution.

On the economic side, the president of the entity has highlighted the good behavior of the port of Castellón in freight traffic, despite the effects derived from the pandemic. In fact, PortCastelló remains the ninth port of the Castellón port system, and is consolidated as the second port in solid bulk traffic and at a distance of more than one million tons from the third, which is Tarragona. These figures are possible thanks to the dynamism of the ceramic sector.

PortCastelló’s investment capacity has made it possible to carry out works worth almost 10 million euros over the last year, including the bridge over the Iberdrola canal, the new berth for liquids or the fire-fighting network in the south dock. Progress has also been made in procedures related to rail connectivity that will place the port among the best connected in the port system, improve the competitiveness of the port of Castellón and attract new investors.

On the other hand, Rafa Simó has reported on the main future actions that will allow the definitive take-off of PortCastelló. Actions condensed into eleven concrete plans to grow efficiently, sustainably and hand in hand with the province.
1.- Plan for the revitalization and improvement of the maritime façade, which contemplates the connection of the Moll de Costa with the Pinar beach.
2.- New institutional alliances to go hand in hand with the port environment.
3.- Creation of the Social Welfare Committee to reinforce the services and attention to those who work in the port area.
4.- Commitment to the Almassora City Council for the regeneration of its coastline.
5.- Improvement of energy efficiency.
6.- Reduction of pollution.
7.- Increase in freight traffic.
8.- Level increase in the Spanish port system.
9.- Railway connectivity.
10.- Agreement for the competitiveness of PortCastelló.

11.- Definitive take-off of the south dock with the development of the Octopus project, contemplated in the master plan of the port, which with an initial budget of 93 million will mean gaining 420,000 square meters of new surface and 865 linear meters of piers of 16 meters of draft.

This ambitious project will allow to have a total of 700,000 square meters in the south dock “to be able to develop large industrial projects, which will help to consolidate the port of Castellón as an industrial and chemical enclave, focused on new technologies and sustainable fuels, just as it marks our Strategic Plan ”, indicated Rafa Simó, who has referred to the creation of a specific work team for the commercialization of this new expansion area.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority has affirmed that the strategic lines set out will serve to achieve the PortCastelló 2030 challenge, which will mean reaching 30 million tons in freight traffic for that year, 30 million annual investment from third parties, developing 30 social projects per year, as well as reducing energy consumption by 30% and emissions by 30%. “We look to the future with ambition and with the conviction that we must become an infrastructure committed to the environment, as well as modern and agile to be competitive,” said the President of the Port Authority.

Finally, Rafa Simó has stated that, without a doubt, “the balance of last year has been marked by a name: Nazmiye Ana. PortCastelló will never forget May 28. 42 days that have marked us and that many of us will remember as the worst weeks of our lives. Now we can only hope that justice is done, work so that the memory of the accident, David and Bhanu Pratap do not fall into oblivion and to support and help Pedro to recover as best and as quickly as possible ”

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