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PortCastelló will invest 120 million euros until 2025

20 August 2021

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó and the director, José Maria Gómez, have held a meeting with the president of State Ports, Francisco Toledo, to agree on the 2022 Business Plan of the Castellón Port Authority. The plan expects to exceed the traffic prior to the pandemic that year and reach 20 million tons.

The PortCastelló Investment Plan for that annuity amounts to 25.3 million euros and reflects a definitive boost to rail connectivity, by allocating 8.7 million euros for the internal rail connection and 8.4 million euros for the network railway of the south dock and its connection with the Mediterranean corridor.
To these investments must be added the 2 million euros planned to improve the firefighting network in the north dock, 4.2 million euros in the improvement of the external cross dock, 1 million in security, 600,000 euros to continue with the urbanization of the South Dock, 900,000 in environmental sustainability, 200,000 euros in the accessibility plan, and 100,000 euros in actions for port-city integration.
The Castellón Port Authority Business Plan also includes the investments planned until 2025, which will amount to 120 million euros.
These investments will allow the completion of productive infrastructures that will favor the growth of the port of Castellón and will increase the competitiveness of the companies that operate in PortCastelló by providing it with high land connectivity.
This plan reflects the public-private collaboration that is made explicit in more than 60 million euros of private investments for the next 5 years in PortCastelló and that confirms the commitment of the private sector to the Castellón port area. Investments aimed mainly at environmental improvements in the north dock and the expansion and consolidation of the south dock.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has indicated that “this Business Plan marks the roadmap for the next four years of PortCastelló and is committed to a strong investment capacity of its own focused on rail connectivity and the development of the south dock ”.

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