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PortCastelló renews the maximum European accreditation of environmental management in the port sector

4 March 2021


The Castellón Port Authority has renewed the PERS (Port Environmental Review System) environmental certification, the only specific environmental management standard for the port sector promoted by the European Organization of Maritime Ports (ESPO).

This certification highlights the environmental commitment of the Castellón Port Authority in sustainable growth and in compliance with the necessary environmental standards as a port that respects the environment. Accreditation obliges to systematically measure the quality of water, air, noise, as well as the impact on the territory.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has indicated that “sustainability is a basic pillar of our strategy, as reflected in the new Strategic Plan, in which the drive towards the blue transition and sustainable growth supported by digital transformation are the new philosophy to continue improving and becoming a benchmark for other Spanish and European ports ”

The new Strategic Plan is fully aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the 2030 agenda “as an opportunity of present and future commitment for the port of Castellón”.

Rafa Simó has insisted on the need to “combine the operations and economic development of the port and its surroundings with the well-being of their neighbors.” To achieve these objectives, the Port Authority promotes actions supported by specific investments such as energy efficiency, anti-pollution barriers in its docks, particle meters, or the installation of wheels clensers in the exit roads of the docks.





















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