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Confirmation for the internal railway connection for a value of 18.6 million

4 May 2021

Conexiones ferroviarias

The authorized actions are part of the set of investments in the Business Plan of the Port Authority in terms of connectivity

The government of Spain has authorized the contracting of the necessary works to provide the port of Castellón with the internal railway network worth 18.6 million euros. “This productive infrastructure will increase our competitiveness, allow us to gain in traffic and expand our hinterland,” said the president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó.

The authorized actions are part of the set of investments in the Port Authority’s Business Plan in terms of connectivity, and are linked to the southern rail access to the port, -whose construction project is well advanced-, and to the intermodal station -whose construction project is will tender this year with an investment of around 21 million-

Specifically, the Council of Ministers today authorized the contracting of works for the railway bridge and northern railway connection for a value of 12.5 million euros and a duration of 21 and a half months. The project has a 20% grant from European funds through the “Connecting Europe” Mechanism.

It consists of connecting the two docks of the port by means of an 891-meter road and a double retractable bridge for railway use. The expected railway port traffic will be containerized goods and solid bulks.

This investment is in addition to the one authorized by the Secretary of State for Infrastructures for the execution of the works of the first phase of the railway network of the southern dock of PortCastelló for 6.1 million and an execution period of 23 months. This action consists of the railway connection from the development of the retractable bridge to the southern railway access to the port of Castellón. The total length of this road is 1,200 meters and a storage area of ​​12,000 square meters.

Both infrastructures will be built with Iberian and international gauge. Rafa Simó has pointed out that “these actions make visible the commitment of the government of Spain to Castellón and give rise to a historical vindication of our territory”. He highlighted that “they will save logistics costs for Castellón companies, will allow us to respond to the productive sectors of the province and will generate employment and wealth in our environment”.















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