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Digital transformation strategy PortCastelló

5 October 2021

The Castellón Port Authority (APCS) faces the year 2021 establishing Digital Transformation as a very high priority strategy to achieve the organization’s objectives, with the firm conviction that it is essential to maximize digital qualities, both technological as human beings, to identify, evaluate and prioritize the port’s activity in terms of a new sustainable and innovative business model.In the digital strategy of the Castellón Port Authority, security, veracity, integrity and uniqueness of the information managed in the Castellón Port Authority prevail. Although the strategy addresses cross-cutting disciplines and, mainly, good change management in terms of business culture and digital capabilities and skills, from a purely technological point of view the actions with the greatest impact at the budgetary level are (1) the implementation of virtual workspaces, (2) the creation of a digital document office, (3) the deployment of business intelligence (BI – Business Intelligence) and (4) the implementation of an ITSM (IT Service Management).


  • The Castellón Port Authority has carried out the implementation of virtual work spaces that offer a more efficient, flexible, safe and comprehensive work experience to the staff that make up the organization. With this solution, the user can work in a safe environment, wherever they are, with accessibility to their day-to-day information and applications, while these are centrally, secure, comprehensive and uniquely guarded within the organization itself. The main advantages of this project are: a lightening of the technical maintenance of systems and applications, a reduction of cyber risks, greater mobility, flexibility and work-life balance and, in addition, it is, in itself, a contingency plan in the event of catastrophes or pandemics, such as that of the coronavirus currently suffered, since it allows the continuity of business activity without impact.
  • Another of the ambitious projects of the Port Authority of Castellón is the implementation of a digital document office that allows a fully digital processing of all the organization’s procedures and that regulates the production and management of digital documents in conditions that ensure their integrity, reliability, authenticity, interoperability (complying with the National Interoperability Scheme – ENI) and availability throughout its useful life. The objective of this project is not so much compliance with the law, as efficiency, agility, traceability, security and confidence in the processing of the procedures of the Castellón Port Authority.
  • The intelligence of any organization resides in the set of strategies, data, applications, technologies and technical architectures focused on the creation of knowledge from them through the analysis of existing data in order to make better decisions. For the Castellón Port Authority, business intelligence goes far beyond obtaining data that is analyzed to obtain information, which, at the same time, is used to discover the knowledge of the organization. The Castellón Port Authority is committed to quality knowledge that directs the organization towards the strategic objectives it pursues. A knowledge that helps to create new communication spaces in the company, that encourages the motivation of the teams, that is easy to understand, that gives a vision to the work teams of what is really happening around them and empowers them to make the best decisions at the right time in your day to day.
  • For efficient coordination of ICT resources and projects as well as optimal management of the technological change that is taking place within the organization, the Castellón Port Authority has implemented an ITSM for the management of information technology services and the communications provided in the APCS. Technological resources are an essential part of business processes, becoming high value elements whose development, implementation, administration and use must be optimally managed and controlled to ensure the quality of the information and the reduction of risks associated with the digital environment and cybernetic.


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