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PortCastelló grows 1% in the first quarter of the year

15 April 2021

Granel sólido

The port of Castellón moved a total of 4,819,720 tonnes of goods in the first quarter of the year, which is 1% more than the same period of the previous year, when freight traffic had not yet suffered from COVID -19.

This figure is due to the good performance of solid bulks, which increased by 22.6% in the accumulated, reaching 1,862,743 tons. On the contrary, liquid bulk traffic fell (7.7%) and general merchandise traffic (16.8%) in the first three months.

This data is also the result of the 23.9% growth in traffic in March, which closed moving 1,687,708 tons. This month also registers an increase in all types of merchandise. Specifically, the port of Castellón has moved 661,731 tons of solid bulk (70.2% more), 177,933 tons of general merchandise (6% more) and 844,522 tons of liquid bulk (5.2% more). Container traffic also grew, with 12,607 TEUs moved (22% more).

The type of traffic with the greatest weight in this first quarter of the year in PortCastelló is liquid bulk, which represents 51.3%, followed by solid bulk (38.7%) and general merchandise (10%).

The most important goods moved in the port of Castellón are, in this order, oil, feldspar, clays, fuel oil, tiles, gasoline, coque and biodiesel.

On the other hand, the main destinations with which PortCastelló maintains a commercial relationship are Turkey, Libya, Ukraine, Canada and Russia.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has valued the data positively and pointed out that “it is time to continue working to improve our competitiveness and for this positive trend to improve throughout the year.”

The forecasts of the Castellón Port Authority are to grow 6% compared to 2020 and close with 19,600,000 tons of goods. To do this, it has set a significant reduction in rates, an increase in services and an investment effort that is set at 18.5 million to be a competitive and attractive port.




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