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PortCastelló closes the best month in its history in solid bulk traffic

15 November 2021

15-11-2021. PortCastelló recorded a total of 17,558,370 tons accumulated for the year, which represents 11.8% more freight traffic compared to the same period of the previous year.

These figures are possible thanks to the good performance of solid bulks, which increased by 36.7% and amounted to 7,641,929 tons so far this year, which consolidates the port of Castellón in second place in this type of traffic among the 46 ports of general interest that make up the Spanish port system.

Liquid bulk traffic continues to be the one that represents the greatest weight over the total traffic of PortCastelló, with 8,320,857 tons in the accumulated of the year, 1.8 percent less than last year. It is followed by general merchandise traffic, which accounts for 1,595,584 tons, 2.8 percent lower than in 2020.

The data confirm that the month of October is the best in the history of PortCastelló in solid bulk, accounting for 941,015 tons.

General merchandise traffic also increased in October, by 11.7%, and added 186,121 tons in October. By contrast, liquid bulk traffic fell 4.6%, accounting for 855,996 tons.

Traffic figures continue to consolidate PortCastelló at levels prior to the pandemic, given that until October it grew 0.4% compared to 2019.

At present, liquid bulks represent 47.4% in the port of Castellón, solids 43.5% and general merchandise 9.1%

The most important goods in the Castellón docks are crude oil, feldspar and clays.

The main ports with which PortCastelló maintains a commercial relationship are Turkey, Ukraine, Canada, Libya, Russia and the United States.


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