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PortCastelló closes the best month of January in solid bulk

16 February 2021


Freight traffic in the port of Castellón grew 3.7% this January compared to the same month of the previous year and accounted for 1,721,840 tons. The improvement of solid and liquid bulks supports these numbers. Specifically, liquid traffic grew 7.9% to 909,039 tons, and solid bulk traffic increased 15.3% to 676,485 tons, which represents the best month of January in the history of PortCastelló. It should be remembered that the port of Castellón closed 2020 positioning itself as the second port of the Spanish port system in solid bulk traffic.

General merchandise is the only one that suffers, falling 41.2% in January compared to the previous year, and accounting for 134,242 tons

.The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has pointed out that “the global closure of January leaves us good data, given that we increased in global freight traffic compared to a year ago, when the pandemic had not yet settled nor had we suffered the loss of a container line”. He added that “we have to take this data with caution, but we trust that they mark a turning point in the recovery of economic activity.

“In addition, the data confirms the diversification of PortCastelló: 52.9% of the goods moved are liquid bulks, followed by solid bulks, which account for 39.3%, and general merchandise 7.8%.The most important goods moved in the docks of the port area in January are, in this order, oil – which increased by 59% -, feldspar – which increased by 27.2% – and clays – which grew by 34.8 % -.The main ports with which Castellón maintains commercial relations are Turkey, Ukraine, Libya, Russia and Canada.



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