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PortCastelló is committed to digital transformation and energy efficiency for the European Recovery Plan

10 March 2021

PortCastellóThe port of Castellón presents five expressions of interest to the European Recovery, Transformation and Resilience funds of the central Government for an amount of 6.5 million.

This was informed today to the Board of Directors by the president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó. These are five strategic initiatives promoted by PortCastelló so that they opt to be financed out of 140,000 million euros of European funds.

The projects are related to innovation, digitization and cybersecurity, energy efficiency and biodiversity and are adjusted to the conditions established in the plan, which establishes nine driving policies to directly influence those productive sectors with the greatest capacity to transform the economic fabric and social and that contribute to the economic reactivation of the country.

Specifically, it is the Castellón PortLab project, which will be developed together with CEEI, Espaitec, UJI and Xarxatec, which has a budget of 245,000 euros. The objective is to connect port and innovation companies through a campus at the service of the port community. Another project that is presented in collaboration with Iberdrola and with a budget of 1.2 million euros has the objective of electrification and the on-site generation of green hydrogen, replacing the fossil fuel normally used by ships docked at the docks.

Added to these are the Digital Documentary Office project, worth 515,000 euros; the implementation of a new, more efficient and innovative operating model aimed at safely managing port operations and services, worth 3.1 million euros, and the switch to LED of all the public lighting in PortCastelló, with a budget of 1.3 million.

In addition, the port collaborates with two other projects. On the one hand, one related to the Integration and revitalization of wind and mini-wind energy in industrial estates and ports, promoted by the Valencian Association of Energy Sector Companies, with a budget of 65 million. And another based on the incorporation of OPS technology (Onshsore Power Supply) promoted by Iberdrola with a budget of 10.6 million aimed at the decarbonization of ports.


Resolutions approved by the Board of Directors:

– Substantial modification of the administrative concession to Terminal Marítima del Grao due to change of purpose and extension of an area of ​​3,000 square meters of the concession for the occupation of a surface in the service area of ​​the port of Castellón for the activity of container repair , general merchandise and solid bulk storage.

– Substantial modification due to the extension of the term of the administrative concession to Colorobbia Spain for the occupation of a 6,600 square meter plot in the new esplanade of the Castellón port service area.

– Approval of the reduction of the minimum traffic required for 2020 to Frigoríficos de Castellón, set in the administrative concession, due to the Covid-19 crisis.

– Approval of the documents for the occupation and exploitation of

premises 8 type I located in the Plaza del Mar recreational area under an administrative concession regime.

– Approval of the modification of the Regulation of Honorary Distinctions of the Port Authority of Castellón.

















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