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PortCastelló will apply its economic measures on January 1 to encourage the competitiveness of its clients

30 December 2021


On January 1, the new rates and discounts of the Castellón Port Authority will come into force after the approval of the General State Budgets 2022 that is already published by the BOE.

The reduction of rates and the increase of the discounts are possible thanks to the good economic results of the port of Castellón since, by law, they cannot be applied unless a certain profitability is obtained. These measures were approved by the Board of Directors of the Castellón Port Authority and contemplated in its Business Plan agreed with Puertos del Estado.

The new economic measures will favor the competitiveness of companies, will allow new traffic to be captured and will make PortCastelló “a more efficient port, capable of responding to current demands, with growth possibilities thanks to the expansion of the southern dock and, therefore , to generate more employment and economy ”.

Specifically, the PGE 2022 reflect the bonuses approved to boost the competitiveness of the port and its adaptation to international markets of 20% in the occupancy rate for container terminals and 5% for solid bulk terminals.

In addition, PortCastelló improves all the bonuses to the vessel rates and the rates of merchandise in transit, entry and exit of containers, and the bonus to the rate of tile merchandise, frits and enamels is doubled; and also citrus, wood and all cargo from the wind sector

Finally, the Castellón Port Authority will apply a correction coefficient to the fixed rate for the reception of waste generated by ships based on the international agreement to prevent pollution from ships (MARPOL).

To these measures reflected in the PGE is added the approval of the final document of the valuation of the land and water surface of the service area of ​​the port of Castellón, which will mean when an average saving of 12.3% is applied in the rate of occupation.

These measures will mean saving of 1 million euros for the concessionaires of the port of Castellón.

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