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PortCastelló hosts a drill to combat marine pollution

23 April 2021

Simulacro contaminación marina

A total of 20 people make up the operation to evaluate the response time to a possible case of oil spill The port of Castellón has today developed a simulation of activation of its Maritime Interior Plan to evaluate the effectiveness and coordination between the different agents involved, validate the communication procedures, verify the response times and the operation of the self-inflating oceanic barrier.

Around twenty people from the Port Authority, Castellón PortControl, General Directorate of the Merchant Marine and Consulmar, a company specialized in anti-pollution services, participated in the operation.

The drill began with the communication by the Port Police to PortControl of the sighting of an oil stain in sheltered waters near the mouth of PortCastelló. The effective response time in the drill has been 30 minutes, which allows rapid protection of the areas against a possible spill.PortCastelló has a total of 525 meters of anti-pollution barriers to confine possible spills of crude and refined oil. Specifically, the ocean barrier that has been deployed today was installed in 2016 in the port of Castellón.

With its 2,400 kilos and 400 meters of defensive line, it allows closing the barrier in less than 15 minutes. This infrastructure, with an investment of 180,000 euros, is in addition to the containment barriers located in the interior dock and the Iberdrola cooling channel.




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