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The Port Authority of Castellón presents its new Strategic Plan

15 March 2021

The Port Authority of Castellón today presented its Strategic Plan with a horizon of 2024, coinciding with the 119 years of the promulgation of the order that created the Board of Works of the Port of Castellón, which definitively promoted the construction of this infrastructure.

A document that sets out the roadmap to be followed in the next four years and is born from a participatory process agreed with all stakeholders in the port of Castellón. This is the fourth strategic plan in the history of PortCastelló and its aim is to consolidate the port as a tool at the service of logistics.

This strategic plan is aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, and directs the future of the port of Castellón “maintaining its strengths, correcting our weaknesses, establishing the certainties that serve us to face threats and exploit opportunities”, such and as explained by the president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó.

The # PE24 will respond to the productive sectors and their clients of the port of Castellón, will consolidate its role as the economic engine of the environment and generation of wealth, and will position it “as a space at the service of the society in which we live and with which we coexist”, has indicated.

To do this, it deploys 19 objectives integrated into five strategic lines for the future of PortCastelló.



  • Blue growth. The ultimate goal of the port is to promote sustainable growth, which generates a positive impact on society, creating wealth and employment, through a culture of innovation and respect for the environment. This strategic line has a holistic and transversal character, being embedded in all the objectives and actions of the port’s strategy.
  • Diversified development. Attract new traffics and retain current ones to, in a sustainable way, increase the generation of wealth in the environment, favoring the development of new businesses in the area of influence of the port, both by current and new customers and users, and establishing connections and commercial relationships with new destinations.
  • Social impact. Achieve an integration of the port with society, being recognized as a leading port in transparency and sustainability. To be an institution committed to the SDGs and that places the environment and people at the center of all its decisions and actions.
  • Competitiveness Offer competitive services, both in terms of quality and price, with more effective, flexible and efficient processes, increasing the capillarity and multimodality of the port and optimizing the use of its infrastructures and facilities.
  • Advanced management. Promote a management culture that fosters innovation, digital transformation, management by objectives, continuous improvement, customer orientation, efficiency and agility, and the cohesion of the Port Community.

These strategic lines are deployed in 19 objectives to, in essence, position PortCastelló among the best connected in the Spanish port system, at the technological, environmental and social vanguard, and will serve as a springboard for the expansion of its maritime connections, the development of the new logistics area, optimization of the north dock and the final take-off of the south dock.


The director of PortCastelló, Ana Ulloa, has shelled during the presentation ceremony the 19 objectives contemplated by the new # PE2024 and which are:

1.- Optimize the private / public investment ratio

2.- Increase business volume while maintaining adequate profitability

3.- To be recognized as key agents of sustainable development. In short, to undertake a plan to improve the competitiveness of PortCastelló services through the Port Services Committee, reviewing the specifications of particular requirements to increase the competitiveness and flexibility of port services and implementing the Port Community System platform to streamline processes and reduce bureaucracy within the port community.

4.- Attract new industrial customers

5.- Increase container traffic balancing import / export

6.- Maintain its position as a reference port for solid and liquid bulks


To this end, a plan to strengthen the southern dock will be deployed, through the creation of a work team to attract subsidies and private investment and the management of new berthing lines.


7.- Development of new businesses prioritizing those with the greatest added value to society

8.- Get an active commitment to the SDGs

9.- Improve the port-city interrelation by creating new spaces, activities and communication channels


For this, a port-city integration improvement plan will be developed, with initiatives such as the search for alternatives that improve the benefits for society, the establishment of universal accessibility in roads and public spaces, and the drafting of a study for the creation of of its own brand for the surroundings of the Costa dock.

10.- Expand the foreland to Asia / America maintaining the position in the Mediterranean and Africa.

11.- Expand the hinterland by promoting multimodality and connections with logistics spaces

12.- Optimize the use of infrastructures as well as improve the maintenance of spaces and facilities.


To achieve these objectives, a plan has been designed that promotes multimodality through initiatives such as monitoring the working group with ADIF to advance rail projects, establishing alliances with logistics areas and dry ports, and creating a permanent committee with administrations and operators of the port community to promote the new logistics area of ​​Castellón.


13.- Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of services at competitive prices

14.- Contribute to the generation of a hub of logistics-port knowledge.


To this end, an environmental improvement plan will be undertaken with initiatives such as improving the energy efficiency of port facilities, the development of a system to carry out a predictive control of emissions and an early warning system, and the increase in closed and semi-closed areas. for solid bulk traffic.


15.- Digitally transform the port and create a culture of innovation

16.- Raise awareness about the culture of blue growth and promote associated initiatives

17.- Guarantee safety and protection by betting on cutting-edge technologies.


To this end, an acceleration plan for technological innovation will be promoted that fosters a model and culture of open innovation and continuous improvement, with initiatives such as the creation of a technological space under the Castellón PortLab brand.


18.- Increase the cohesion of the Port Community

19.- Align human capital with strategy


For this, an internal communication plan will be developed that favors transversal communication in the organization and the sense of belonging of the human team.


The president of the Castellón Port Authority has assured that “it is in our hands to add actions to make PortCastelló a better place to work, live and coexist, and we are going to do so with this Strategic Plan that we present today”. He added that “only the collective effort generates competitive projects and the PortCastelló of the future is being built from now on.”



























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