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The Port Authority of Castellón calls for the VI edition of the Faro awards

1 April 2021

Convocatoria VI Premios Faro

These distinctions are intended to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community and contribute to the public recognition of innovative initiatives.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, has convened the VI edition of the Faro PortCastelló Distinctions. The Port Authority promoted these awards in 2016 coinciding with the commemoration of the 114 years since the creation of the port of Castellón and based on the provisions of the Honorary Distinctions Regulations.

The initiative aims to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community of Castellón, contribute to public knowledge of innovative initiatives in different areas and recognize the merits of the work carried out.

The categories that can be used are Communication, Innovation, Business Career, Occupational Safety, Business Initiative, Environmental Protection, Equality, Culture and Social Commitment. Individuals or entities, national or foreign, may attend the Faro PortCastelló distinction in each of these areas, presenting an instance together with the merits adduced for the granting of the distinction.

In this edition, the regulations have been modified, specifying each of the categories, and approved at the last Board of Directors.

The deadline for submitting applications is now open and will last until April 30.

The jury of the Faro awards is made up of more than 50 people from different fields, it is egualitary and with a majority of members external to the Port Authority.

The Faro PortCastelló awards are part of the strategic line of social impact of the Strategic Plan 2024, which aims to improve port-city and port province coexistence.

The bases to participate in these distinctions are exposed in the portal in the following link ……



– FARO INICIATIVA EMPRESARIAL: This category is about putting in the value and weighing those business initiatives that benefit the port of Castellón and/or its Port Community and/or its surroundings and that in turn have an original and pioneering character in its scope of action.

– LIGHTHOUSE BUSINESS TRAJECTORY: Its purpose is to assess companies that have a long history in the port and represent a benchmark for others.

– LIGHTHOUSE INNOVATION: Those applications that, due to their innovative nature, whether technological or of any other type, improve sustainability in a broad sense, the exploitation and /or performance of the companies operating in the port are valued

– LIGHTHOUSE FOR EQUALITY: Distinguishes the actions carried out by companies, organizations or entities, in the field of equality, especially valuing those policies that have been implemented of non-discrimination and real and effective equality among their workers, development of structures such as Equality Commissions, implementation of Equality Plans, Codes of Ethics and Conduct, actions with gender perspectives, as well as quality seals, awards or badges obtained for this reason by the candidate company or organization.

– LIGHTHOUSE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Its objective is to make visible all those actions or initiatives carried out in pursuit of a concrete, valuable and measurable environmental improvement in the port environment.

– LABOR SAFETY LIGHTHOUSE: Distinguishes companies or entities committed to national and / or international standards in terms of occupational safety, through which it seeks to minimize risks in workers after an analysis of these, consequently improving their work and personal safety.

– SOCIAL COMMITMENT LIGHTHOUSE: Those initiatives carried out in defense of collectives and/or groups of people with special economic, social or any other type of difficulties are valued, without prejudice to evaluating those others that benefit society in general.

– FARO DE CULTURA: Distinguishes specific actions in favor of culture carried out by associations, companies or groups that contribute to the defense of cultural values ​​and their dissemination in the environment.

– COMMUNICATION LIGHTHOUSE: Values ​​companies or groups that, due to their communicative value, convey truthful, quality and verified information to the public about the reality of the port and its Port Community.










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