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Two specialist dogs are incorporated into the search for the missing docker

9 June 2021

Perros en la búsqueda de Nazmiye


Two dogs from the Central Cynological Unit of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard based in El Pardo (Madrid) specialists in all kinds of rescues in aquatic environments have joined the search for the missing docker after overturning in the port of Castellón the Nazmiye Ana ship.These dogs are capable of detecting human remains up to 50 meters deep. It is one more tool for the Special Groups of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard (GEAS), where after limiting the area, they reduce the immersion time and the dimensions of the search.

These dogs have been involved in numerous cases, such as the flood ofOrihuela (Alicante) and the floods suffered in San Llorenç (Palma de Mallorca), among others.The dogs that are working in the area are of the Labrador type breed, a three-year-old male and female named Arsa and Baquira.The accident occurred on May 28 after the Panamanian-flagged merchant ship “Nazmiye Ana” overturned, where several people were injured, and two missing persons. One of them was found dead on Saturday, May 29, by divers from the Special Underwater Activities Team of the Civil Guard (GEAS) and Maritime Rescue.

Numerous troops are working in the search for the second person, belonging to the Maritime Captaincy, Port Authority, GEAS, Provincial Maritime Service, Organic Unit of Judicial Police, Air Service, these last four belonging to the Civil Guard, Red Cross, Police Port, Maritime Rescue Service, NGO Stella Maris and 112, as well as other groups that have already withdrawn that corresponded to the Emergency Health Services, Provincial and Municipal Fire Brigade Consortium, Bucemar and two underwater robots from the UJI and Maritime Rescue from A Coruña.



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