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Presidency creates a working group with the UJI, Aerocas and PortCastelló to promote economic and social reactivation in Castellón

23 September 2021

Reunión uji, aeropuerto, puerto y generalitat


It will meet periodically to analyze common projects, promote inter-institutional collaboration and launch new initiatives.

The Casa dels Caragols, headquarters of the Presidency of the Generalitat in Castellón, has hosted the first meeting of the working group made up of the Universitat Jaume I, Aerocas and PortCastelló, which has promoted the territorial management of the Presidency in Castelló.

A group that aims to “analyze how the different projects that affect these institutions are progressing, promote collaboration between them and put new initiatives on the table that contribute to underpinning the economic and social recovery in the province.” “As the president, Ximo Puig, defends, Castellón is going to be the engine of the recovery of the Valencian Community because it is a dynamic, entrepreneurial, innovative territory with a leading business and industrial fabric in Spain. And within our province these three great institutions: university, port and airport, have a fundamental role in the recovery and in the change of model, for that reason I have proposed to them, as representative of the Consell, the creation of this group ”, explained Eva Redondo.

The rector of the UJI, Eva Alcón; the general director of Aerocas, Blanca Marín; and the president of PortCastelló, Rafa Simó. All of them have put on the table the situation of the main projects in which they are working and in which, in one way or another, the autonomous administration participates.

The rector of the UJI, Eva Alcón, has highlighted the importance of “joining forces and promoting institutional collaboration at a time of profound transformations such as the one we are experiencing” and has underlined the commitment of the University “to put all the training capacities, researchers and innovation at the UJI at the service of society in a context in which the generation of knowledge and science are essential to respond to the challenges we face ”.

For her part, Blanca Marín, director of Aerocas, has stated the importance of the UJI, PortCastelló and Castellón Airport “being coordinated under the umbrella of the Generalitat, in order to detect opportunities for collaboration that allow us to promote initiatives that stimulate the territory. , based on innovation, sustainability, knowledge transfer and external projection ”.

The president of PortCastelló, Rafa Simó, has referred to the unique opportunity to join forces and add strategies to make the potential of Castellón visible in innovation, transformation and knowledge, hand in hand with other organizations and the business fabric of the province. In addition, the president of the Port Authority has pointed out the importance of joining forces to create a hub for the transfer of knowledge in the fields of logistics and energy. “PortCastelló is the port of the entire province and our objective is to seal alliances with all those entities with which we can collaborate to position the province in the place it deserves”.

To conclude Eva Redondo, she wanted to thank the reception that this initiative has had in the three institutions and the involvement of its main representatives, and has indicated that the group “is open to integrate more entities or institutions that want to contribute, that want to be listened, that they also feel that the province of Castellón has to continue growing and has to be the engine of our recovery, the lever for our common goal: to overcome the pandemic, reactivate the economy and reinvent our model ”.



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