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CEEI Castellón and PortCastelló will promote innovative projects in the logistics-port sector

1 February 2021

PortCastelló y CEEI

The European Center for Innovative Companies of Castellón -CEI Castellón- and the Castellón Port Authority have agreed to join forces to promote innovative projects related to the port logistics sector.

The purpose of this agreement is to join forces and establish lines of cooperation to promote innovative initiatives, as agreed by the president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, and the president of CEEI Castellón, Alfredo Cebrián. This agreement is the result of a first working meeting that took place in December to mark the needs and joint lines of action.

Rafa Simó recalled that one of the objectives of the new PortCastelló strategic framework is to approach knowledge and build bridges with those institutions that are pioneers in innovation and research. “For this it is necessary to surround ourselves with strategic allies in these areas, and the CEEI is a leader in this matter

.”Both representatives have agreed on the need to explore ways to bring public procurement processes closer to innovative companies and build bridges so that startups in the environment can access the projects promoted by the port of Castellón.

For his part, Alfredo Cebrián has indicated that “CEEI Castellón can be a catalyst for the coverage of many needs of the port by innovative companies”. In addition, it has been pointed out that “the port is a great asset of the province and can become a great laboratory to develop technology and how to apply it.

“The president of CEEI Castellón has stated that «there is a clear interest of the Port Authority of Castellón in opening up to companies and society in Castellón, and this is very interesting because it can help to promote and stimulate many projects, with a very positive impact ”.The meeting was also attended by the director of PortCastelló, Ana Ulloa, and the director of CEEI Castellón, Justo Vellón. After the meeting they visited the field that IoTsens has transformed in the port of Castellón into an intelligent warehouse that allows optimizing the storage system by calculating parameters such as the volume of material accumulated in a space in real time.


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