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CEEI Castellón and PortCastelló advance in their project of an innovation ‘hub’ specialized

6 August 2021


The European Center for Innovative Companies of Castellón -CEI Castellón- and the Castellón Port Authority continue to work together to promote innovative projects related to the port logistics sector for the benefit of the provincial economy as a whole. In this sense, the director of CEEI Castellón, Justo Vellón, and the director of the Órbita accelerator, Orfeo Balboa, have met with the new director of PortCastelló, José María Gómez, to discuss the continuity of the work undertaken a few months ago between both parties. It is a strategic alliance that goes beyond the Port, with the horizon set on a future ‘hub’ of innovation and research specialized in the logistics sector, which from the province of Castellón will be a leader in the Mediterranean.

The meeting took stock of the first phase of a regional open innovation project within the framework of CV Innova, which specifically in Castellón focuses on the logistics sector, in which both companies from the Castellón port community and other companies participate transport and logistics. In this recently completed stage, work has been specifically done on the detection of 10 sector challenges in the logistics field, through a reflection group with the participation of various institutional and business actors linked to the sector.

The next step is for companies in the port community to use Open Innovation in a more systematic way in their continuous improvement, taking advantage of the contribution of external talent, either from the Jaume I University, technological institutes or national startups. or international. Likewise, in the subsequent phases, it is committed to attracting companies from the logistics sector to the province, reinforcing the leading role of the logistics sector at an international level.

It should be remembered that the collaboration between CEEI Castellón and PortCastelló establishes lines of cooperation to promote innovative initiatives, as agreed last February by the presidents of both entities, Alfredo Cebrián and Rafael Simó, respectively.


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