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Agreement reached between the carriers of Astraport and APM Terminals in the port of Castellón

12 August 2021

After a month of meetings and negotiations between the carriers associated with Astraport and APM Terminals Castellón, where the Castellón Port Authority has acted as mediator, today an agreement has been reached that unblocks the conflict that kept the APM terminal paralyzed.

Thanks to the good will and good work of both Astraport and APM, and the collaboration of other actors such as ACTM Castellón, Fenatport and the PortCastelló stowage collective, the negotiations have come to fruition.

The Port Authority wants to thank all those involved for their willingness to reach an agreement and especially also the shipping companies, which have continued to bet on the port of Castellón despite the conflict.

Thanks to this agreement, the port of Castellón will continue to be one of the economic engines of the province, serving the productive sectors, improving cohesion between the different actors in our port community.

This agreement, which must be ratified by the Astraport assembly, will allow APM Terminals to operate normally again tomorrow.

Finally, the Port Authority also wants to highlight the agreement reached on July 29 between SEDCAS and the Castellón stowage to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of PortCastelló.



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