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The revision of the value of the PortCastelló land will mean an annual saving for the concessionaires of 743,089 euros

22 October 2021

Consejo de Administración APC


The board of directors of the Castellón Port Authority has approved the start of the process for the valuation of land and water levels in the port of Castellón.

The values ​​currently in force were approved by Order of the Ministry of Development of December 10, 2007, date on which land values ​​were at their highest in Spain. The Castellón Port Authority, aware that these values ​​do not correspond to the current ones -since the real estate market has been declining- and after the legal period of validity has expired, has begun the process of the revision of values ​​that will suppose a average decrease of 12.3% in them. As a consequence, with the concessions in force as of December 31, 2020, the Port Authority will enter € 743,089.6 less for occupancy rate, going from € 6,037,288.82 to € 5,294,194.40. With these savings for concessionaires, the port of Castellón will gain competitiveness by becoming more attractive for applying for new concessions.

Lighthouse Awards

On the other hand, the board of directors has approved the proposals of the juries of the Faro PortCastelló awards, which in its sixth edition will be held in person again next November. These awards are intended to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community, contribute to the public recognition of innovative initiatives in different areas and recognize the merits of the work carried out.

The winners in this edition are:

Lighthouse Communication Award to the Sub-Directorate General for Publications and Cultural Heritage of the Defense Sub-delegation in Castellón for its commitment to organizing free exhibitions of social interest related to the maritime world in the Grau de Castelló.


Lighthouse Social Commitment Award for the #SomUjicontraCOVID campaign of the Universitat Jaume I, with which it managed to raise 73,200 euros for the launch of three social projects against the effects of the pandemic in the province.


Faro Cultura Award for the non-profit “Mar i Vent” Association that contributes to the conservation of the roots and cultural heritage of the sea, fishing and naval mechanics with the aim of showing Castelló’s maritime tradition through restoration of pieces and their disclosure.


Faro Environmental Protection Award for Bulk Cargo Logistics S.A., a company located in the port of Castellón that is going to invest 2.5 million euros in the execution of a self-consumption photovoltaic project with surpluses, which will reduce CO2 emissions.


Lighthouse Labor Safety Award for the Castellón Maritime Captaincy, for his work in controlling the operational safety of ships and his excellent work during the Nazmiye Ana ship crisis.


Faro Business Initiative Award for the technology company Cuatroochenta based in Castellón and specialized in developing and implementing digital cloud and cybersecurity solutions.


Lighthouse Business Trajectory Award for the company Zamora and sons for its 50 years of experience in the hotel and catering sector that have managed to make it a benchmark in El Grau, since they landed in 1980 with the so-called “Comedor de obreros” .


Innovation Lighthouse Award for Integral Shipping for its commitment to the port of Castellón by developing different wind projects from its field in the north dock of the port area.


Faro Igualdad Award for Elite Cementos, a company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of cement located in the port of Castellón, which has a specific CSR plan for its stakeholders, as well as a Code of Ethics and Conduct that has as one of its main axes the principle of equality.



Other agreements reached:

  • Resignation of the Castellón Municipal Tourism Board of the agreement signed between the Castellón Port Authority for the occupation of some offices located in the old Port Authority building.
  • Administrative concession to Sistemas de Gestión Medioambiental, S.L. for the occupation of office number 3 destined to administrative office to support the environmental management consulting activity located in the old building of the Port Authority.
  • Administrative concession for the occupation of a surface in the service area of ​​the port of Castelló to Intertek Ibérica Spain, S.L.U.
  • Administrative concession for the occupation of an office located in the old building of the Port Authority to be used as an administrative office.Administrative concession to Básculos Dársena Sur, U.T.E. for the occupation of a surface in the southern dock of the port to provide the commercial weighing service through the installation of scales.
  • Mortgage novation authorization on the rights of the administrative concession granted to Emara Inversiones Empresariales S.L. (currently Impala Sport Club sports center) for the construction and operation of a leisure and convention complex in the public port domain.


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