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The vessel Nazmiye Ana is lifted to the dock of the port of Castellón

7 July 2021

Izado del Nazmiye Ana


The company in charge of removing the Nazmiye Ana ship that sank on May 28 at the Centenario dock in the port of Castellón has successfully completed the lifting, transferring and depositing of the ship ashore.

The operation to remove the ship began at 8 in the morning, at which time the port of Castellón closed maritime traffic to guarantee the safety of the operation. Traffic has been restored around 12 noon, once the ship has passed the water zone.

The operation for lifting the 780-ton wreck has been made up of 25 people, a 500-ton telescopic crane connected to the ship, and two cranes positioned on the dock of 460 tons, each capable of lifting a weight together. total of 1,200 tons.

The development of the operation has entailed some preliminary work, such as a geological-geotechnical study to estimate the bearing capacity of the ground under the dock and the load distribution through two roads of compacted sand and wood to distribute the weight generated by the ship and the cranes.

For the hoisting of the ship, special points have been welded to the sides of the ship to allow lifting by means of slings connected to these points. Once the boat was hoisted, all the water has been allowed to drain to lighten its weight and proceed to its transfer ashore.

The Nazmiye Ana ship is already deposited at the Centenario dock, about 50 meters from the cliff, on a specific area for scrapping.

It should be remembered that the Nazmiye Ana was moved 150 meters laterally to the Centenario dock in the port of Castellón on June 22 to facilitate the search for David, the docker who disappeared in the accident. A rescue operation that has been carried out uninterruptedly since then by the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard together with the divers of the company that executes the removal plan.


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