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Vista aérea

PortCastelló will apply its economic measures on January 1 to encourage the competitiveness of its clients

The BOE publishes the General State Budgets of 2002 that contemplate the discounts and correction coefficients of the Port Authority of Castellón

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Consejo de Administración

El Consejo de Administración aprueba medidas económicas para captar nuevos tráficos

El Plan de Empresa de PortCastelló 2022 prevé un aumento de inversiones en infraestructuras, rebaja de tasas y más bonificaciones para mejorar la competitividad

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Ports 4.0

Puertos del Estado approves three projects in Castellón for the Ports 4.0 program

The total investment of the 3 projects will be € 1,240,000, and the total grant they will receive amounts to € 936,355

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Ecological Transition and PortCastelló sign a pioneering agreement to improve air quality

The agreement is the first of its kind at the state level and Mollà highlights that the Community is once again at the forefront in ecological transition

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PortCastelló welcomes an ammonia spillage drill

The port of Castellón has hosted this morning an ammonia spillage drill in a ship located missing person

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Moll de Costa1

PortCastelló invests in Moll de Costa to promote this enclave as a leisure area

The Castellón Port Authority has carried out several actions to adapt the Moll de Costa space for the smallest with an investment of 60,000 euros.

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Operation directed by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine

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PortCastelló will install new dust catching screens

It will install a new structure to protect the environment from dusty particles worth 317,276 euros

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PortCastelló closes the best month in its history in solid bulk traffic

PortCastelló recorded a total of 17,558,370 tons accumulated for the year, which represents 11.8% more freight traffic compared to the same period of the previous year.

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PortCastelló receives a representation of Xarxatec

The conference served to strengthen relations between the port world and the technological-innovative sector of the province

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Crucero Amera

PortCastelló receives the cruise ship Amera

The ship has called this morning with 597 passengers of German nationality and 426 crew on board

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PortCastelló awards the first phase of its railway network for 5.6 million

The Port Authority also awards a new road in the south dock for 900,000 euros

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PortCastelló shows the air quality of the port environment in real time on its website

The information offered by the five particle meter stations located in the port of Castellón can be consulted from today in real time through the website of the Castellón Port Authority.

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Convocatoria VI Premios Faro

2021 Faro Awards Winners Dossier

Lighthouse awards 2021

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Consejo de Administración APC

The revision of the value of the PortCastelló land will mean an annual saving for the concessionaires of 743,089 euros

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of Castellón ratifies the proposals of the jury of the Faro PortCastelló awards

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Balance IV edición Escala a Castelló

The IV edition of Escala a Castelló closes with more than 14,300 visits

Rafa Simó: “We will continue to strengthen alliances between institutions so that these events are possible”

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IV edición Escala a Castelló

The great festival of the sea returns: IV edition of Escala a Castelló

A seafaring event that includes various activities, such as recreations of important episodes in the history of Spain, mascletás, a marine market with cannons and camps and visits to the four historic ships that have already docked in the port of Castellón

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PortCastelló grows by 11% in freight traffic and now adds 15.6 million tons

Solid bulk traffic grows 34.3% in the accumulated of the year

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Plataforma ITSM-1

Digital transformation strategy PortCastelló

The Castellón Port Authority (APCS) faces the year 2021 establishing Digital Transformation as a very high priority strategy to achieve the organization’s objectives

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The Port Authority certified in its key processes

The Port Authority certified in its key processes of Ship Scale and Administrative Processing of the Public Domain, has expanded the scope of the ISO 9001 certification to its Investment Expenses support processes

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2019_Memoria Anual 2018_Diario del Puerto (91)

PortCastelló, sustainable port

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Sede de la APC

PortCastelló implements strategic projects to improve efficiency

These systems allow the integration of information with the rest of the port’s platforms

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Fragata Méndez Nuñez

PortCastelló receives the vessel Méndez Núñez for the operation `Eagle Eye 21-03´

During ‘Eagle Eye 21-03’, citizens will have the possibility to see soar through its skies Eurofighter planes of Wing 14, sail through its waters to the frigate F-104 “Méndez Núñez” and see the deployment in their lands of the PATRIOT Group of the Army leading the Defense Unit

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2021-10-01 Síndrome Down

The VI edition of the Faro PortCastelló Awards has startedand is collaborating with the Down Syndrome Foundation

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Crucero Bolette

PortCastelló receives the first cruise after the coronavirus

The ship “Bolettte” docks in the port of Castellón with 500 tourists on board

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Muelle de la Cerámica

PortCastelló, the port of ceramics

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Reunión uji, aeropuerto, puerto y generalitat

Presidency creates a working group with the UJI, Aerocas and PortCastelló to promote economic and social reactivation in Castellón

This working group is open to the incorporation of more entities or institutions.

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PortCastelló confirms its commitment to the regeneration of Almassora beach

Simó meets with the spokesmen of the political groups and neighborhood representatives

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PortCastelló grows 11% and closes the best month in solid bulks

The port of Castellón closes August as the best month in its history in solid bulk traffic, accounting for 929,704 tons, which is 24.9% more than in the same period of the previous year

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José-María-Gómez-y-Rafa-Simó-1024x492 (1)

Rafa Simó announces the strategic lines and productive investments for the sustainable growth of PortCastelló

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, today reviewed his first year in office at the head of the public body and outlined future projects for the port of Castellón.

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Portada Memoria Anual 2020

The Port Authority of Castellón publishes its annual report 2020

The document collects the main economic, environmental and social data of the port of Castellón during the past year

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PortCastelló will invest 120 million euros until 2025

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó and the director, José Maria Gómez, have held a meeting with the president of State Ports, Francisco Toledo, to agree on the 2022 Business Plan of the Castellón Port Authority.

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PortCastelló grows 11.46% up to July

PortCastelló continues to grow thanks to solid bulk, confirming the trend for the whole year and exceeding initial forecasts.

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Agreement reached between the carriers of Astraport and APM Terminals in the port of Castellón

Thanks to the good will and good work of both Astraport and APM, and the collaboration of other actors such as ACTM Castellón, Fenatport and the PortCastelló stowage collective, the negotiations have come to fruition

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10-08-21 Puerta, Simó, Guillamón y Peña en la presentación del curso marinero pescador 2

Castelló launches tailor-made training with the first Fisherman Sailor courses in the city

A project that was born to adapt to the real needs of the different sectors and that this training translates into hiring

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Medidas Covid

PortCastelló adheres to the Luxembourg Declaration

The Luxembourg Declaration is a consensus document prepared by the European Network for the Promotion of Health at Work

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CEEI Castellón and PortCastelló advance in their project of an innovation ‘hub’ specialized

The European Center for Innovative Companies of Castellón -CEI Castellón- and the Castellón Port Authority continue to work together to promote innovative projects related to the port logistics sector

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435360 0338

The Port Authority of Castellón urges the unblocking of the APM terminal

The Castellón Port Authority is aware of the conflict that has been generated between the carriers associated with Astraport and APM Terminals Castellón, due to the excessive loss of time that occurs in the APM terminal

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Patronato Fundación

Rafa Simó highlights the role of the PortCastelló Foundation in the promotion of the port

The entity approves the annual accounts for 2020  

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Patrocinios APC 1

PortCastelló collaborates with 11 cultural and sports entities of the Grau

The Port Authority of Castellón launches a campaign aimed at non-profit organizations to promote cultural and sports projects

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Rafa Simó - FUE-UJI

PortCastelló works with FUE on the definition of its european financing roadmap

The European Roadmap consists on the development of a strategic Plan for attracting European resources after an analysis of the potential of the port of Castellón

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New FP in Castelló to promote the training of the maritime-fishing cycles

Rafa Simó: “This integrated vocational training center is an opportunity for greater job placement for our territory and an improvement of our productive sectors”

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The customs service returns to PortCastelló

Since last June 23, PortCastelló has recovered a service that stopped being provided in April 2012

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PortCastelló launches a campaign to promote the lighhouse of Castellón

The Castellón Port Authority has launched a campaign to highlight the lighthouses it manages. These are the lighthouses of Peñíscola, Irta, Oropesa, Castellón, Columbretes and Nules.

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Asamblea AVE

Rafa Simó introduces himself as a new associate of the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs

The president of the APC joins the demand for the Mediterranean corridor and highlights the strengths of PortCastelló

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Puerto de Castellón

PortCastelló closes the first half of the year with a growth of 12% compared to the previous year

It counts the best month of June in its history in solid bulks

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Minuto de silencio por el e

The Castellón Port Authority pays tribute to the two who died in the Nazmiye Ana

The ramp located next to the Centennial dock of the port of Castellón will be renamed “Rampa del Esteibador” in memory of the deceased docker and in recognition of the work of the entire group

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Buque Nazmiye Ana

The Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Civil Guard found the body of David

The body has been found inside the ship. The judicial authorities have taken over the situation.

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Izado del Nazmiye Ana

The vessel Nazmiye Ana is lifted to the dock of the port of Castellón

The company in charge of removing the Nazmiye Ana ship that sank on May 28 at the Centenario dock in the port of Castellón has successfully completed the lifting, transferring and depositing of the ship ashore

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Consejo de Administración

Agreement with the Generalitat for the improvement of air quality

This governing body approves the appointment of José María Gómez Fuster as general director of PortCastelló to replace Ana Ulloa, who resigns at her own request

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Perros en la búsqueda de Nazmiye

Two specialist dogs are incorporated into the search for the missing docker

Two dogs from the Central Cynological Unit of the General Directorate of the Civil Guard based in El Pardo (Madrid) specialists in all kinds of rescues in aquatic environments have joined the search for the missing docker after overturning in the port of Castellón the Nazmiye Ana ship

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The director of the port of Castellón requests the cessation of her position

The request will be deliberated in the Board of Directors on June 23

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Info puente retráctil

PortCastelló presents the project for the works of the railway bridge

The contracting specifications are published for 12.5 million euros

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IV Escala a Castelló

PortCastelló presents the IV edition of Escala a Castelló at Fitur

This maritime festival will be held from October 8 to 12 in the port of Castellón

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PortCastelló grows 3.8% in the first four months of the year

The main destinations with which PortCastelló maintains a commercial relationship are, in this order, Turkey, Canada, Libya, Russia and Ukraine

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Vista aérea PortCastelló

PortCastelló published the bid for the works of the railway network in the south dock

Today the bid specifications have been published with a basic biding budget of 6.1 million euros.

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Faro de las Islas Columbretes

Simó: “The internal railway connection of PortCastelló will generate economic activity”

The president of the Port Authority informs the Board of Directors of the approval of the Government to start works worth 18.5 million

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Conexiones ferroviarias

Confirmation for the internal railway connection for a value of 18.6 million

This productive infrastructure will increase the competitiveness of the port of Castellón and will generate employment and wealth in the environment

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Simulacro contaminación marina

PortCastelló hosts a drill to combat marine pollution

A total of 20 people make up the operation to evaluate the response time to a possible case of oil spill

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Certificado EFR

The Port Authority of Castellón receives the EFR certificate from the family-responsible company

They are the first entity in the province of Castellón to obtain this certificate

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Granel sólido

PortCastelló grows 1% in the first quarter of the year

The most important goods moved in the port of Castellón are, in this order, oil, feldspar, clays, fuel oil, tiles, gasoline, coque and biodiesel.

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Puente sobre el canal de Iberdrola

PortCastelló advances in the south basin with the entry into operation of the bridge over the Iberdrola canal

The works have involved an investment of close to 2 million euros and allows the connection between esplanades

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Convocatoria VI Premios Faro

The Port Authority of Castellón calls for the VI edition of the Faro awards

These distinctions are intended to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community and contribute to the public recognition of innovative initiatives

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Puig highlights that the ports of the Valencian Community are a ‘powerful economic engine’ in times of crisis

The ports of València, Castellón and Alicante will invest 146 million euros in 2021, which represents 14.6% of the total investment of the ports of Spain

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Entrega certificado ISO 45001

PortCastelló achieves ISO 45001 certification

This certificate demonstrates PortCastelló’s commitment to managing health and safety at work

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Visita conseller de Política Territorial

PortCastelló will put out this year the draft of the construction project of the intermodal station

Minister Arcadi España highlights the role of the port of Castellón as an accelerator of projects that boost the local economy and generates employment

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2021-03-15 Presentación #PE24

The Port Authority of Castellón presents its new Strategic Plan

The Plan sets 19 objectives integrated into 5 strategic lines for the future of the port of Castellón

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PortCastelló is committed to digital transformation and energy efficiency for the European Recovery Plan

The Castellón Port Authority supports 5 expressions of interest for a value of 6.5 million

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PortCastelló renews the maximum European accreditation of environmental management in the port sector

It is the PERS certificate granted by the European Organization of Maritime Ports (ESPO)

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Ana Ulloa, Rafa Simó y Maritina Vidal

PortCastelló has helped the sustainability of the Castellón port sector with 11 million in revenue

The financial strength of PortCastelló has allowed it to continue with benefits despite the impact on its accounts of these measures

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PortCastelló closes the best month of January in solid bulk

Freight traffic in the port of Castellón grew 3.7% this January compared to the same month of the previous year and accounted for 1,721,840 tons

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PortCastelló y CEEI

CEEI Castellón and PortCastelló will promote innovative projects in the logistics-port sector

The European Center for Innovative Companies of Castellón -CEI Castellón- and the Castellón Port Authority have agreed to join forces to promote innovative projects related to the port logistics sector

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The Port of Castellón moved 18.5 million tons in 2020

PortCastelló is placed second in solid bulk traffic and maintains the ninth position in the Spanish port system

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Vall d´Uixó firma de honor

PortCastelló and Vall d´Uixó will promote joint actions to strengthen their business

The Castellón Port Authority and the Vall d´Uixó City Council will promote joint actions to strengthen their business. It is one of the agreements reached today in the meeting held between the president of the public body

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Cajones para atraque graneles líquidos

PortCastelló makes progress in the construction of the newly docked liquid bulk

The two concrete boxes of 4,700 tons each disembark for the execution of this infrastructure

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