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City Council and Port Authority address proposals to improve the urban environment

20 October 2020

Reunión teniente alcalde del Grao

The Deputy Mayor of Grau, Mary Carmen Ribera, and the President of the Port Authority, Rafa Simó, have held a meeting to discuss proposals to improve the urban environment and the integration of the port with the urban area of ​​the maritime district of Castelló. “It is the will of this City Council to strengthen the links between both institutions and work for a greater integration of the port and its surroundings with the urban area and the citizens of Castelló,” said Ribera.

This is the second meeting with the new president of PortCastelló after the meeting held on September 10 with the mayor, Amparo Marco, to share future projects.

On this occasion, Ribera explained that this meeting addressed different issues aimed at improving integration with the urban environment of the port. “The City Council and the Port Authority must go hand in hand when addressing proposals to improve the environment and to take measures that promote a greater connection between the port area and the citizens, especially Grau de Castelló due to its historical links to the port”, Ribera has stated.

For his part, the president of the Port Authority, Rafa Simó, recalled that the port must be the best ally of the Grau and “must continue to grow in a sustainable way.” In this sense, it has valued the close relations between both institutions given that “citizens do not understand competences, and it is necessary that the City Council and PortCastelló go hand in hand to improve the life of the graueros and the port environment”. Simó has insisted that one of the fundamental pillars of his management is “to strengthen the social character of the port.”

Also present at the meeting was the major patron of the Castelló Fishermen’s Association, Manuel Peña.



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