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Rafa Simó visits the construction site of the south dock of PortCastelló

8 September 2020

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, today visited the construction that is being carried out in the southern dock of the Castellón port and that will configure a new, safer and more sustainable space.

Accompanied by the director, Ana Ulloa, and the head of the Infrastructure area, Juan Bautista Mingarro, he has valued the expansion plans in this port area, with the construction of the overpass over the Iberdrola canal and a road of almost 900 meters which will connect the roundabout to access the south dock with the liquid bulk area. This remodeling includes a drainage, supply, fire and medium voltage network and its budget amounts to 1,622,000 euros.

The start-up of this new road and the overpass will make it possible to optimize traffic in the southern dock.

Rafa Simó has also inspected the construction for the installation of a fire network with 5,500 meters of pipe and the installation of a galvanized steel tank with a capacity of 350 cubic meters. The investment amounts to 955,386 euros.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority has highlighted the importance of these remodelings in the south dock “because they will configure a space with better services for our clients, safer and more sustainable”. He has pointed out the importance of the south dock within the PortCastelló strategy of having more environmentally friendly spaces, as well as generating business and wealth in Castellón and its surroundings.


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