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Rafa Simó takes office as President of the Port Authority of Castellon

4 September 2020

Rafa Simó, presidente APC

His goal is to consolidate the achievements of the previous year, and to gain in competitiveness, sustainability, and integration of port and city

Today the Official State Bulletin (BOE) has published Ministry of Promotion’s order which announces the election of Rafa Simó as the new President of the Port Authority of Castellon (APC), replacing Francisco Toledo. Rafa Simó was appointed by the president of the Valencian Autonomous Government, Ximo Puig, this past August.

Rafael Simó Sancho (Castelló 24-1-1985) has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the University of Valencia and a Masters in Mandatory Secondary Education and High School, Professional Development, and the Teaching of Languages from Jaume the First University. Before joining the Port Authority, Rafa Simó served as the Counselor of Urbanism and spokesman in the city of Castellon.

Rafa Simó has identified as a priority that PortCastelló continue to be an economic driver in the province through sustainable means which respect the environment. His other priorities include the consolidation of last year’s achievements and the increase of competitiveness and security. He also mentioned the strengthening of the port-city relationship, in an effort to position the port precinct as the best ally of the maritime district.

The President of the Port Authority referred to the strength of the port community and the dynamism of the business network as fundamental pillars by which to position PortCastelló as a leader. Of the forty-six general interest ports, PortCastelló has the ninth highest traffic, the fifth most movement of bulk solids, and the ranks fifth in importing and exporting.

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