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Port Castelló, A Safe Port

19 June 2020

Señalización por COVID19

The Port Authority of Castellon has developed a Contingency Plan, detailing various possible scenarios, to deal with the impact of the Coronavirus. This plan provides steps to preserve the health of workers and maintain the operation of administrative services, which have continued to be provided, albeit online.

According to the document, this public organization’s team of workers is returning gradually and progressively to their in-person offices. For this to be done successfully, the needs of the organization, as well as the existence of groups classified by the Ministry of Health and other competent authorities as being more susceptible to COVID-19, are being taken into account.

In order to guarantee the protection of these groups, as well as that of their clients, the Port Authority of Castellon has implemented a series of safety measures, some of which include safety screens for those dealing with the public in an attempt to ensure proper separation, signage directling the flow and movement of clients, and signs indicating the maximum capacity in meeting rooms and minimum distance to be maintained. Waiting spaces have also been created to enforce social distancing. All of this information is included in pamphlets placed at the entrances of every building.

The Port Authority has also intensified sanitization of its equipment, installations, and shared spaces, as well as having acquired three ozone disinfecting machines to reinforce the cleaning of shared work vehicles, control booths, and offices.

Finally, special garbage bins have been set up and indicated for the disposal of gloves and face masks.

The main goal of the Port Authority of Castellon is to adapt both the services that it offers and the tasks of their employees to the new reality with the upmost care taken in regards to safety.



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