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Port Castelló, the first Port Authority to be certified by AENOR in the face of the Coronavirus

21 July 2020

Medidas contra COVID-19

This stamp recognizes the COVID-19 safety measures implemented by the Port Authority of Castellon to ensure a safe environment for their clients and employees

The Port Authority of Castellon has become the first port in Spain to be awarded the AENOR certificate during the COVID-19 crisis. This stamp demonstrates Port Castelló´s strong commitment to the safety of their clients and staff within all aspects of the organization.

The AENOR certification is an external validation of the effectiveness of the measures implemented by the Port Authority of Castellon, and it confirms that they meet and exceed the recommendations and requirements shared by Spanish and international organizations regarding hygiene and prevention information related to COVID-19.

The Director of Port Castello, Ana Ulloa, explains, ¨it is a priority for us to protect the health of our clients and employees and create a safe environment, and the support that we have received from AENOR confirms that we have taken the proper measures¨. This goal is consistent with the quality of service and the will to continue improving that are typical of the Port Authority of Castellon.

Ana Ulloa has said that ¨we earned this certificate thanks to the work of our entire team, which started even before the state of emergency was declared in Spain and continues today¨. ¨We all play an important role in the maintenance of the logistics of Port Castelló, and thanks to the commitment of our team, we have been able to adapt to the circumstances and keep all of our programs running¨.

AENOR analyzes various functions, including risk management and health management in the workplace, training, information and communication, protective measures, and good hygiene and sanitation practices in all installations, as well as private vehicles, in the organization. The stamp is valid for one year, but Port Castello will be required to submit documentation for revision every three months.

The Port Authority of Castellon´s Committee on Workplace Health and Safety has put in place concrete actions such as space signaling, informative posters, special trash bins for disposable masks and gloves, indications of capacity in all rooms and offices, a donation of hand gel and masks for all employees, an ozone canon to clean vehicles, and separation screens for those working in public service positions.






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