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PortCastelló unloaded 78.925 tons of clay

8 October 2020

70.000 toneladas de arcilla

The PortSur bulk terminal in the port of Castellón hosts the unloading operation of 79,000 tons of clays bound for the ceramic industry of the province. It represents the second largest shipment of this material on the same vessel that has been received to date in the port facilities. The first was in January of the same year, with 79,597 tons.

The cargo left Yuzhnyy Port in Ukraine at Theresa Jiangsu, one of the world’s largest ships for clay transport, at 228.9 meters in size,and an arrival draft of 14’6 meters. Its consignatory agent is Gimeno Logística Portuaria.

This data reflects that PortCastelló is prepared for the docking of large vessels for companies that take advantage of the economy of scale, and confirm that the port of Castelló is at the service of its productive sectors.

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