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PortCastelló will celebrate a virtual gala for its V Faro Awards

9 November 2020

Consejo de Administración

The board of directors of the Castellón Port Authority has approved in its session today the proposals of the technical juries for the award of its V Faro PortCastelló Awards in its different modalities (* Dossier attached).

The members of the juries have met during the month of November to assess the different candidates. A jury made up of more than 50 people from different fields and of an equal nature. Their proposals have been raised today to the board of directors for ratification.

These awards are intended to reinforce the sense of belonging to the Port Community, contribute to the public recognition of innovative initiatives in different areas and recognize the merits of the work carried out.

The Castellón Port Authority promoted these awards in 2016 coinciding with the commemoration of the 114 years of the creation of the Castellón port and based on the provisions of the Honorary Distinctions Regulations.

On this occasion, and due to the pandemic, the Castellón Port Authority has chosen to hold a virtual awards ceremony, which will be broadcast next Friday, November 27, on all its social networks. Also, as of November 16, videos and information about each of the winners in this edition will be published.

The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, expressed his gratitude to the jury for their work and involvement with these awards. Other council resolutions: Authorization of the agreement for the renovation of the warehouse operation and management services contract between the UTE PortSur Castellón S.A. and Gimeno Logística Portuaria S.L.U. relating to the transfer of total use of the administrative concession granted to BP Oil Spain, for the occupation of a plot for the storage and transport of petroleum in the south dock of the port of Castellón.

Approval of the update of the Protection Plan of the port facility Portsur Castellón S.A. in compliance with Regulation CE 725/2004 and the International ISPS Code, regarding the improvement of the protection of ships and port facilities.

Register Peixos Sampera S.L. in the census of fish buyers in the port of Castellón.




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