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PortCastelló welcomes the landing of military material from Iraq

16 September 2020

Desembarque material militar

Vehicles and military material have been part of the operation “Inherent Resolve”

The General Headquarters of the Operational Logistics Force, belonging to the Army and whose

headquarters are in A Coruña, has directed and coordinated all logistics tasks.

The disembarkment has been carried out from the RORO Cargo ship “Jolly Vanadio” and it

involves military equipment and vehicles that participated in Operation “Inherent Resolve” which has been taking place in Iraq since 2014.

The landed material has been transported by the Italian-flagged ship “Jolly Vanadio”. It is a Ro-Ro Cargo type logistics ship built in 2015 and has a capacity for 51,000 tons (Tn), with 240 meters of length and 27.5 meters of beam. The military material transported amounted to 1,158 tons and consisted of 65 vehicles and 108 containers (20 of 40 feet and 88 of 20 feet).

Of all the transported material, the RG-31 NYALA (vehicle for the transport of personnel protected against mines and IED-improvised explosive device-) and the vehicle for its recovery, VEH REC MAXPRO, should be highlighted.

All this material has received an LDDD protocol (cleaning-disinfection-disinsection-deratization) by veterinary personnel in the Operations Area and the packaging has been sealed.

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