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The SDG`s keys to the future of PortCastelló

3 December 2020

Jornadas Mediterráneo

The meeting brought together a hundred institutional, business and expert representatives to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals. The president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, stated in his presentation that “these objectives are an opportunity for the present and future for the port of Castellón” and added that “they are not an option for the future, but a commitment and an opportunity ”.

Rafa Simó explained that the implementation of the SDG`s is based on three fundamental pillars: economic sustainability with innovation as a flag, social sustainability to establish synergies with our environment and be the port of the entire province, and environmental actions to be the best ally of our environment ”.

The president of the APC pointed out that all this must be combined with the new infrastructures, “which have to be sustainable and productive, that make us gain competitiveness, that create jobs when they are built and then generate wealth.”

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