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La Plaza del Mar: 25 Years Serving the Community

25 June 2020

vista aérea plaza del mar

This year marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most unique projects implemented by the Port Authority, whose goal was to transform Castellon into a city of leisure for the enjoyment of its citizens. The Plaza del Mar, inaugurated in June of 1995, kicked off the process of change and was the precursor to going out for drinks by the sea, and to restaurants serving delicacies caught that same day, served as a reflection of the Grau and its port.On the heels of the Plaza del Mar came the construction of the Costal Port, a hugely ambitious project taken on by the Town Hall of Castellon and the Port Authority, who, together, decided to convert almost 52,500 m2 into a great leisure area, which today hosts movie theatres, children’s playgrounds, restaurants, and the Font de Peix boardwalk, among other attractions. The combination of the port atmosphere with the commercial businesses has created a space full of life, in which the commercial and economic life of the port coexist with the fun and entertainment typical of places of leisure.

Historical events have taken place in the Port Castelló leisure area of Castellon. In 2000, the Plaza del Mar hosted the celebration of the 4th Castellon Costa Azahara-Port Castelló Yacht Race, which was attended by King Juan Carlos. Shortly after, construction began on the expansion of the Castellon Nautical Club, as well as reforms in anticipation of the official opening of the Azahar Airport, which offers a wide range of pubs, shops, restaurants, and even a parking lot with space for 600 vehicles. In 2008, the Grand Casino, having conserved the original architecture of the building, opened its doors.

The most recent innovation occurred in 2009 with the opening of the Impala Sports Club, where there is a building dedicated just to swimming pools, spas, a gym, restaurants, and shops.

The creation of this part of the city, and its accompanying history, paved the way for unique and pioneering events in various parts of Castellon, including the annual Escala de Castellon celebrations. This great maritime tourist event has positioned itself as one of the most successful in the city, as has the recent opening of the Plaza de Sète, which offers many exhibitions. With this opening, the Port Authority put forth another space to be enjoyed by the citizens of the city. The name of the plaza comes from the Sète municipality of France, which assisted the Port Authority of Castellon in the execution of Port Castelló.

This space was also witness to the First Port Castelló Triathlon, in which more than 150 athletes participated. The Triathlon was unique in that part of the race took place within the enclosed part of the port, therefore bringing the port to the citizens of Castellon.

In the past 25 years, the Plaza de Mar has gone from being considered a place concerned only with commerce and the port economy to being a place of fun enjoyed by all citizens of Castellon. In fact, it has become a key player in tourism to the city, and is a perfect place to celebrate the many festivities commemorated in the province. Every year, the city of Castellon is filled with more and more life.

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