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The port recovers the customs service

22 September 2020

Obras edificio aduanas

The government subdelegate in Castellón and the president of the Port Authority visit the works, which will conclude in December

The government sub-delegate in Castellón, Soledad Ten, and the president of the Castellón Port Authority, Rafa Simó, visited today the works of the Customs building that is located in the Costa dock. The works will conclude in December and the definitive transfer is expected to take place throughout the month of January. With this, the port of Castellón will recover a service that stopped being provided in April 2012.

Both managers have valued the importance that the different administrative procedures related to the inspection of goods are carried out in the port environment, since it will improve the service provided to its users and increase the competitiveness of PortCastelló.

We should take into account that the Tax Agency had to launch a second call for the project, after the first was declared void. Finally, the rehabilitation of the building was finally awarded for an amount of 396,000 euros.

The actions include the structural reinforcement of the building, replacement of the roof, waterproofing of terraces and the establishment of offices on the ground floor. A specific space has been contemplated to provide the income campaign service of the Tax Agency. In total, between 11 and 13 officials will carry out their functions in this building.

Rafa Simó and Soledad Ten have been accompanied on the visit by the director of the port, Ana Ulloa, the delegate of the Tax Agency, Manuel Rodríguez, and the head of customs clearance, Alfredo Pascual.






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