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The PortCastelló board of directors ratifies the business plan for 2021

22 December 2020

Consejo de Administración

The planned investments in the plan amount to 18.4 million

  The Board of Directors of the Castellón Port Authority has agreed to ratify the business plan for 2021, which has revenues of 29.9 million euros, which is 8.7% more than the forecast for the end of 2020, and with expenses of 23 million euros, 1% higher than the forecast for the end of 2020.

It is worth highlighting the savings in financial costs, which will mean one million euros less than budgeted in 2020, as a result of the debt restructuring undertaken this year. This savings in financial costs together with the higher growth in income than in expenses in 2021 will mean a result of the year of 5.9 million compared to the 3.2 million forecast for this year.

The improvement in results will be achieved despite undertaking a notable reduction in rates. Thus, thirteen of the twenty-eight Port Authorities will lower rates in 2021 and Castellón is one of them. In addition, it is noteworthy that PortCastelló will lower the ship rate by 5%, the passenger rate by 10% and the merchandise rate by 9%, being one of the four Spanish ports that lowers the three rates. In fact, only Barcelona and Las Palmas have a discount higher than that of Castellón.

Regarding the investments foreseen in the business plan, they will amount to 18.4 million, the most notable being: 4.1 million in the new liquid bulk dock, 2.2 million in the internal rail connection, one million in the firefighting network, 2.3 million in the railway network of the south dock, its connection and the intermodal station project, 4.2 million in the improvement of the external transversal pier after the deficiencies detected, 870,000 euros in safety, 500,000 euros in environmental sustainability, 200,000 euros in the accessibility plan, 130,000 euros in R & D & i and a wide range of minor works to improve the port’s infrastructures.

The reduction in rates and the notable amount allocated to productive investments are possible thanks to the fact that PortCastelló is the most profitable port in Spain with respect to equity and will improve the competitiveness of PortCastelló, favoring its future growth, also that of the companies that operate in the port, by lowering its logistics costs, and will enable job creation.

Other approved agreements

  • Strategic Plan 2020-2024
  • Reference of quality of service for the mooring and unmooring service in the port of Castelló
  • Fees for commercial services provided by the Castellón Port Authority for 2021
  • Economic contribution of the Port Authority of Castellón of 250,000 euros to the PortCastelló Foundation for the financial year 2021 for the promotion and commercial development of the port of Castelló
  • Delegation of various powers of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority.
  • Update of the Protection Plan of the port facility APM Terminals S.A.U. concerning the improvement of the security of ships and port facilities.
  • Withdrawal of the request for a substantial modification for the expansion of an area of ​​11,165.91 square meters of the administrative concession to Levantino Aragonesa de Transitos S.A. for the occupation of a plot in the south dock.
  • Administrative concession to Levantino Aragonesa de Transitos S.A. for the occupation of a surface corresponding to part of the warehouse located on the north esplanade of the port service area.
  • Change of ownership of the administrative concession granted to José Ponce Paramio for the occupation and operation of the restaurant El Galeón in favor of Restaurante Castellón el Galeón, S.L.
  • Change of ownership of the administrative concession granted to Guzmán Global S.L. for the occupation of a 22,000 square meter plot in the new esplanade of the port’s service area in favor of Guzmán Minerals, S.L.U.
  • Registration of FRIME S.A.U. in the census of fish buyers.


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